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Changeset 1819854 is being indexed.

On the trunk:

mod_md v1.1.7 changes

mpm_event: remove atomics for timeout_queue's total counter.

It's always updated under the timeout_mutex lock, or read for logging and

scoreboard updates (not critical).

For the read cases a volatile access is enough, while removing the atomic ops

for the already protected write cases saves cycles and context switches.

mpm_event: worker factor vs pollset.

Make sure the worker factor is at least one (w.r.t. WORKER_FACTOR_SCALE), and

use it to size the pollset appropriately (including K-A and lingering close

connections), in addition to the listening sockets.

mpm_event: make sure wakeup_listener() does its minimal job.

Even if the listener thread is not created yet (i.e. about to be), we must

still tell it to leave, and terminate the worker queue in any case.

mpm_event: avoid unexpected compiler optimizations.

Make sure the compiler doesn't play games with our synchronization variables

by marking them volatile.

mod_md: fix leaks in md_cert_get_issuers_uri() and md_cert_get_alt_names().

stray char

up to date xform


mod_substitute: allow opt-in to expressions in substitution value

update transformation

update transformation

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svn:eol-style = native

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And promote

backport votes

documentation rebuild
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event documentation rebuild
event.xml: add a note about lingering close
Propose backport for PR 61551.
mpm_event: follow up to r1818804 and r1818960.

Align mod_http2 with expected returned state from process_connection hooks in

async MPMs.

When the master connection is handled, enter CONN_STATE_LINGER in any case.

Fix link markdown.

Backport mod_proxy_html doctype fixes.

PR#56457 included.


vote + promote
mpm_event: follow up to r1818804 and r1818951.

Be more correct in comment about CONN_STATE_WRITE_COMPLETION.

We currently have/need no state to simply wait for readability on a socket,

so the previous comment was misleading. Write completion can't be used for

a simple "wait for read event and come back to process_connection hooks".

tiny formatting/readability tweak in example
tiny formatting/readability tweak in example
backport votes


Merge r1814968 from trunk:

core: silently ignore a not existent file path when IncludeOptional

is used.

In some use cases

were reported in which IncludeOptional seems to be too strict in its

sanity checks.

This change is a proposal to relax IncludeOptional checks to silently

fail when a file path is not existent rather than returning SyntaxError.

Submitted by: elukey

Reviewed by: elukey, jim, niq