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Changeset 1790860 is being indexed.

mod_brotli: Comment on the default choice (0) for BROTLI_PARAM_LGBLOCK.

On the trunk:

mod_http2: explicit int conversions to silence warnings in mod-h2 build.

almost a docco change... look for brotli 0.60 or above at config

mod_brotli: Fix a minor typo in the description of BrotliAlterETag

that has been referring to httpd 2.2.x.

There's no mod_brotli in 2.2.x.

mod_brotli: Update makefile to allow using Brotli library >= 0.6.0.

The 0.6.0 version has just been released [1], and it contains the

necessary API required for mod_brotli.


On the trunk:

update after mod_http2 backport

On the 2.4.x branch:

Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1789740,1790102,1790113,1790284,1790754,1790826-1790827,1790842

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
On the trunk:

mod_proxy_http2: no longer mapping link headers when preserve host is on.

On the trunk:

mod_proxy_http2: 1 is true.

On the trunk:

mod_proxy_http2: Reliability of reconnect handling improved.

With v0.60 of released,

this is now viable again.

making test script more modular, calling individual suites per options
On the turnk:

mod_http2: fixed two deadlocks introduced by removing nested mplx locking earlier.


XML updates.


XML update.


XML update plus typo in mod_remoteip.xml.

h2_worker.c is no more, so remove reference to this file.
Small comment
Fix directive name in


Use cmd->cmd->name instead to be future proof.

A couple of dependency observations from Chris Cheetham
On the trunk:

mod_http2: less and more granular mutex use for improved performance.

Update proposal with the latest trunk commit
Rename RemoteIPProxyProtocolDisableHosts to RemoteIPProxyProtocolExceptions

On the trunk:

mod_http2: code cleanup after eliminating nested locks, giving worker slots their own mutex.

On the trunk:

mod_http2/mod_proxy_http2: less read attempts on bucket beams that already

delivered EOS/headers. Fixed bug in re-attempting proxy request after

connection error.