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Hook post_config to set POSIX process capabilities in the parent to be inherited by the child processes. Some ARM clients use process capabilities for authorization
EBCDIC: Handle chunked input from client or, with proxy, origin


Note the addition of the mod_authn_alias module
Fix trailing backslashes in configuration directives.

PR: 34834

Submitted by: Timo Viipuri <viipuri>

Reviewed by: Paul Querna

Fix typo.

Submitted by:

Update Japanese translation.
The module names cannot be "strange names", i.e. contain path separators or dots. I guess this is due to the relative import mechanisms.
Add mod_authn_alias to the build
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Add the auth provider name as a note in the request so that authn_provider_alias is able to look up the original provider along with the per_dir configuration.
Submitted by: Rüdiger Pluem <>

* server/core.c

(default_handler): Always give the filters a chance at processing

the response.

authn_provider_alias adds the configuration block tag

<AuthnProviderAlias baseProvider Alias>

Authentication directives contained within this block can be

referenced as a new authProvider using the AuthBasicProvider or

AuthDigestProvider directives. These directives will be merged in to

the per_dir configuration just before the base provider is called.

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What better time to vote than at 2AM in the morning?


Add a vote.

Allow cookie_class and param_class to take an

undef argument, matching the documentation.

Drop HOOK_DATA and redundant upload_hook args.


backport this fix from 2.1-dev:

proxy HTTP: Rework the handling of request bodies to handle

chunked input and input filters which modify content length, and

avoid spooling arbitrary-sized request bodies in memory.

PR: 15859

Reviewed by: jerenkrantz, jim


add a backport vote

vote. thanks Jeff and Joe

Add basic tests to Request.pod.

The VALUE_CLASS option died with 2.05-dev.

Cookie.pod tests & updates.

Better detection of a Win32 install.
Keyword Id on build_installer.bat
Dropped the import_page function as I don't want to get into the business of recursively managing module dependencies yet. Everything can be done with get_page in a much safer (yet less elegant) way.
Not sure if it was mine, but I vote +1 anyway.

Vote more.

* Disallow use of bundled APR with external APR-util, or

bundled APR-util with external APR, another cause of the dreaded


Reviewed by: jorton, nd, trawick, pquerna

pquerna's concern is hopefully resolved with a needed