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Changeset 1781681 is being indexed.

XML update.


XML updates.

Adding .fr translation for howto/http2

Adding .fr translation for http2 howto

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Adding .fr documentation translated files. Credit to lgentis.

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mod_ssl: don't depend on the next output filters to cleanup the passed out


Documentation rebuild
Add missing documentation for r1781575

Fix for PR 46037

Add back the file I removed in r1781575.

Add Configuration for trusted OCSP responder certificates

Fix for PR 46037

htpasswd: report the right limit when get_password() overflows.

htpasswd: don't point to (unused) stack memory on output

to make static analysers happy. PR 60634.

Reported by shqking and Zhenwei Zou.

Merge r1726705 from trunk:

mod_filter: Fix AddOutputFilterByType with non-content-level filters.

PR: 58856

Submitted by: Micha Lenk

Reviewed by: covener, jim, ylavic

Merge r1778319,r1778331 from trunk:

Use pconf as parent pool so mutexes get cleaned on restarts/reloads

name changes re: suggestion

Submitted by: jim

Reviewed by: jim, jorton, ylavic

add name

add ProxyFCGISetEnvIf

add no-proxy envvar for mod_proxy

replacement for ProxyPass /path ! when ProxyPass is in

location context.

revert r1780909 and r1773397 ProxyPass ! perdir

r1773397 had a regression and the whole thing is fishy

to shoehorn the current ProxyPass ! syntax into.

Update proposals (r1781188, now reverted/splitted, was referenced in both).
mod_ssl: follow up to r1740928: fix memory leaks from merged proxy_ctx.

mod_ssl: follow up to r1781187.

Address SSL_CTX leak in (merged) proxy_ctx.

mod_ssl: revert r1781299 r1781188.

Need to separate follow up related to r1740928 and co from the one related to


On the trunk:

mod_http2: fix for crash when running out of memory. Initial patch by Robert Swiecki <>

CVEID: CVE-2017-7659

* Comment
* We only need this in case HAVE_SSL_CONF_CMD is defined

[Reverted by r1781311]

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