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XML updates.


XML update.


XML updates.


XML updates.

Merge r1634120 from trunk:

* Use the correct server name for SNI in case the backend SSL connection itself

is established via a proxy server.

PR: 57139

Submitted by: Szabolcs Gyurko <szabolcs>

Committed by: rpluem

Backported by: ylavic

Reviewed by: ylavic, wrowe, covener, orlikowski

Merge r1729826, r1729847, r1732986, r1733056 from trunk:

mod_proxy: Play/restore the TLS-SNI on new backend connections which

had to be issued because the remote closed the previous/reusable one

during idle (keep-alive) time.

mod_proxy: follow up to r1729826: really copy conn->ssl_hostname.

mod_proxy: follow up to r1729826 + r1729847.

Adjust stacked ssl_hostname maximum size.

mod_proxy: follow up to r1729826 + r1729847 + r1732986.

Don't use magic constants.

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: ylavic, wrowe, covener, orlikowski

Merge r1753592 from trunk:

* Do not overwrite r->status with access_status if access_status is OK or DONE

as in this case r->status might contain the true response code.

PR: 59869

Submitted by: rpluem

Reviewed/backported by: ylavic, wrowe, covener, orlikowski

dev@ votes noted

Required to build on Windows and NetWare, plus the actual fix...
Fix some style issue in mod_lua (which is not under RTC)

(r1772490 in trunk)

Keep this branch alive; block r1777709 after reintegrate
  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
Reintegrate the --with-test-suite feature with trunk
sync merge with trunk
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  1. /httpd/branches/trunk-test-integration/docs
  2. … 5 more files in changeset.
minor issue with folding patch

--with-test-suite: error instead of warning if Makefile.PL doesn't exist
http_strict: fix "bad plan" on folding test failure

Always run a constant number of tests.

Synch with trunk - remove trailing spaces
check: enable all (non-MPM) modules when testing

We want to test everything the user builds, regardless of whether it's

enabled when first installed.

Update, per dev@ review.
some easy votes

Update, per dev@ review.
There are two folding tests.