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Changeset 1744420 is being indexed.

mod_http2: backport of v1.5.5
mod_http2: fixes timeout vs. keepalive timeout use when closing streams on flush, adding pseudo header length check against limit_req_line
adding fuzzing of :path header
Translated to match english revision.


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avoid copy/paste trap

avoid a copy/paste trap. Similar style used elsewhere in INSTALL.

mod_http2: checking configured Limit* values against header fields
adding rewrite proxy_http2 tests, adding header fuzzing
update after backport
merge of r1743699 fromn trunk:

http_core: Avoid truncating the_request line when there is no request to 'W'rite.

hcheck vote
mod_rewrite: proposing backport of h2:// and h2c:// support
mod_proxy_http2: removed proposals that have been backported already
mod_rewrite: adding h2:// and h2c:// proxy schemes to absolute uri detection, patch by Evgeny Kotkov
mod_http2: adding export to netware build, thanks normw
mod_http2: fixing c->current_thread on slave connections, addresses PR 59542
documentation rebuild
Backported mod_authn_dbm documentation update. Corrected broken link and add an example about Berkeley db. PR: 59558
propose PR59111 for backport

Documentation rebuild
documentation rebuild

Updated broken link and added a clarification example for mod_authn_dbm. PR: 59558
Fix typo in doc as spotted by Pete Edwards in online doc.

Improve layout.

(mostly r1743790 + r1743798 in trunk)

+1 that healthchecking goodness
removing no longer needed obj from mod_proxy_http2 config
update after backport of latest http2 changes, version bump