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Use different variables to track normal

modules and MPMs during build.

Normal modules and MPMs follow different

rules in the config, e.g. we are only

allowed to have one active LoadModule

for an MPM in the config.

As a side effect, LoadModule for MPMs

will now come before LoadModule for

the normal modules.

Official ASF favicon

Use main favicon

Add mod_proxy as a dependency to mod_proxy_http2

Unix Makefile.

More mod_proxy_http2 build support:

- include in Windows and Netware LoadModule lists

- add to cmake build file


Use nice PNG instead of ugly nasty GIF

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Rename http2 module m4 file, so that it will

come after most standard modules in configure

and thus will also be added later with

LoadModule to the default Unix httpd.conf file.

This is necessary, because modules/http2 also

contains mod_proxy_http2, which must be loaded

after mod_proxy itself.

The same trick is already in used for some other

modules (see config5.m4 files).

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and keep the old one around

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Add the gif version

New feather

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Define CTSCTStorage for mod_ssl_ct.

The module does not load without setting


The directory will be created by


Leave out mention of something we won't try on a released branch
Update w/ new feather

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backport props... simple

ptr to 2.4 patch

standardize /

Support for OpenSSL 1.1.0:

- fix copy&paste typos

(wrong version number in "#if").

netware make updates by normw
    • ?
Support for OpenSSL 1.1.0:

- fix rejecting client initiated renegotiations

updating backport proposal of pre_close_connection and scoreboard changes, resetting votes
update description of mmn bum 20150222.10 to include pre_close connection additions
Documentation rebuild.

Removed confusing lines in mod_event's documentation.

Last part of doc rebuild.

Documentation rebuild.

Removed confusing parts in the Limitations section of the mod_event's doc page.

Submitted for consideration...
A rather ugly patch since the code was refactored recently to exclude

the simple patch for 2.4.x, illustrated below.

Completes the changeset r1729930 and resolves all 2.4.19-dev corrections,

but other 2.5.0-dev specific changes may still be needed on trunk.

--- server/scoreboard.c (revision 1729907)

+++ server/scoreboard.c (working copy)

@@ -491,9 +491,8 @@

ws->conn_bytes = 0;


if (r) {

- const char *client = ap_get_remote_host(c, r->per_dir_config,


- if (!client || !strcmp(client, c->client_ip)) {

+ const char *client;

+ if (!(client = ap_get_useragent_host(r, REMOTE_NOLOOKUP, NULL))) {

apr_cpystrn(ws->client, r->useragent_ip, sizeof(ws->client));


else {