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XML updates.

Netware proxy makefiles:

- change vpatch for wstunnel to be consistent

with orther proxy modules. Likely a

a copy&paste error from a balancer module

Netwarep proxy makefiles

- remove unneeded XINCDIRS

- there are no header files in $(STDMOD)/http

- $(STDMOD)/generators and $(STDMOD)/ssl

for serf were likely copy&paste from

NWGNUproxy, but serf doesn't need them

- $(STDMOD)/proxy for wstunnel likely

copy&paste from some lb module but

wstunnel doesn't need them

Netware proxy makefiles:

- use $(NLM_NAME) instead of explicit name

when defining TARGET_nlm

Reduce differences between Netware proxy makefiles.

- removing trailing whitespace

- remove trailing empty lines

- choose a common order for lists

- choose a common style for TARGET_nlm and

TARGET_lib definitions

Set EOL style on new file.

Add mod_proxy_hcheck to the Netware build


Contributed by NormW.

    • ?
Fix typo in Netware makefiles.

Add proxy_module to the list of symbols

detected by Netware export/import awk


We do not export proxy_module by putting it

into modules/proxy/NWGNUproxy explicitely,

because all accompanying proxy modules need

this symbol to access their config. So let

the awk script add proxy_module to the imp

file and then export it from mod_proxy and

import it to all other mod_proxy_xxx modules

via the imp file.

Standardize order of "extern" and XXX_DECLARE_YYY.

Remove now useless apr_pstrdup.
Remove now useless cast.
Moving http:// to // in the download page
Constify the protocol field in the request_rec structure.
Remove recent new marker macroPROXY_HOOK_NON_LINKED

and instead use PROXY_DECLARE_OPTIONAL_HOOK which

is defined to be equal to APR_DECLARE_EXTERNAL_HOOK.

Correct explanation for the use of




Adjust build/make_nw_export.awk to match the new


Allow Netware awk script which handles proxy

symbol import/export to differentiate between

hooks which call APR_HOOK_LINK() in the C

files and those who don't by marking them

in the header file.

Provide dummy impl of ap_proxy_connect_uds()

in case when APR_HAVE_SYS_UN_H is not defined.

Just returns APR_ENOTIMPL.

This helps symbol export/import handling on

Netware and also seems to be more correct,

because mod_proxy.h contains ap_proxy_connect_uds()


seems to work better in this order
Documentation rebuilt for previous commit.

Change backported from trunk: Adding more details about environment variables passed to cgi scripts.

Build symbol import and export files for

proxy on Netware using the same awk script

which is already used for mod_cache.

Adjust other Netware makefiles to use this

new imp file.

Add support for the proxy modules to

the awk script used to generate Netware

symbol import and export files.

Guess some platforms need PROXY_DECLARE_DATA

for data shared between proxy modules and

declared to be extern.

Add new exported symbols to the Netware make


Remove @jim comment. He has voted again.

Merge r1726888 from trunk:

Fix some duplicate definitions

Submitted by: mrumph

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1725445 from trunk:

No need to search twice for the same value.

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed/backported by: jim


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