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Changeset 1635970 is being indexed.

Merge r1633031, r1633522, r1633529, r1633530 from trunk

Style fix

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36, jim, ylavic

Backported by: jailletc36

Merge r1611858, r1611908, r1611916 from trunk

doc: improve doxygen output for util_ebcdic.h and util_charset.h.

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36, rjung, ylavic

Backported by: jailletc36

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* Add missing include for ap_pglobal
propose errordoc fix

Support custom ErrorDocuments for HTTP 501 and 414 status codes.

PR 57167 [Edward Lu <Chaosed0>]

Submitted By: Edward Lu <Chaosed0>

Committed By: covener

Propose r1622450 and r1626978.

mod_proxy_connect: Don't issue AH02447 on sockets hangups, let the read

determine whether it is a normal close or a real error. PR 57168.

Abort the client or backend connection on polling errors, but don't forcibly

abort the client side at the end (the core filters will do that otherwise

when necessary), so that lingering close and SSL shutdown can occur on normal


mod_proxy_wstunnel: abort backend connection on polling error to avoid

further processing (lingering close, SSL shutdown).

make docs
make docs
merge r1635558 from trunk:

show a bit more of openssl's -status display

show a bit more of openssl's -status display
MPMs, core: make duplicated listeners (SO_REUSEPORT) introduced in r1599531

less intrusive.

Submitted by: Yingqi Lu <>

Modified/Committed by: ylavic

Add ListenCoresBucketsRatio which is a configurable ratio between the number of

CPU cores (online) and the number of listeners buckets to create, defaulting to

zero (so that listeners buckets become an opt-in, ie. ncpus / ratio > 1).

This could also be made an opt-out by using the previous hardcoded value (8) as


Make ap_close_listeners() act on all the listeners (including duplicated ones),

since the function is also called externally (eg. mod_cgid, mod_ssl_ct and

possibly any third party module) to cleanup opened descriptors when a process

is forked (the duplicated listeners are kept in a scoped/static variable).

Add ap_close_listeners_ex() to close a single bucket of listeners, used by the

children to close unused duplicates and internally by ap_close_listeners().

Make ap_duplicate_listeners() compute the number of buckets to be used, instead

of each MPM. This number is now based on the above ratio and will not change

unless asked to (given *num_buckets < 1, that is when the MPM does not run in

one-process mode nor after a graceful restart).

Remove some global variables (mpm_listen, enable_default_listeners) previously

used to communicate between MPMs and ap_listen, since ap_duplicate_listeners()

API can now be used to do so.

Also rename num_buckets as ap_num_listen_buckets, and prefix have_so_reuseport

with ap_ (both printed by ap_log_common(), hence kept global).

Detect ap_have_so_reuseport once only at startup.

Restore dummy_connection() as before r1599531 since sending POD signals should

not depend on the number of listeners buckets (there is still one single socket

receiving the connections).

For each MPM (concerned), move the bucket data (pod, listeners and eventually

accept mutex) into a struct and instanciate an array of them (sized by the

number of buckets), for each child to use its own data according to its bucket

index, and the parent to maintain the whole.

make docs

merge r1635510 from trunk:

more hints for OCSP Stapling:

* when a different cache mechanism is used...

* testing that your server sends an OCSP response

make docs
more hints for OCSP Stapling:

* when a different cache mechanism is used...

* testing that your server sends an OCSP response

core: Do not match files when using DirectoryMatch. PR41867.

Fix httpd-2.4.x build for Win32
Fix debug build for Win32

Three patches from:

Subject: Modifications required to build debug version of httpd-apreq-2 for win32

From: "Kandarian, Richard M" <>

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:12:25 +0000

Message-ID: <>

Submitted by: Richard M Kandarian <>

Reviewed by: stevehay

fix typo in "mod_ssl"

Update PR 44736 proposal.
Merge r1631983 from trunk:

mod_substitute: no real functional change, but:

- define default for maximum line length

indepenent of MAX_STRING_LEN

- Clarify line length check with a comment

- add supported 'b' suffix to directive


Submitted by: rjung

Reviewed by: jim, ylavic

Split suggested by Christophe done.
Follow up to r1632742: CHANGES entry.
Work on split suggested by Christophe.
Vote and promote.