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IDE typo error

Update doccos about UDS
clean up socket definition... just the sock: path matters,

and we adjust relative to DefaultRuntimeDir

hyphenate websocket-aware

mod_session: Reset the max-age on session save. PR 47476.


mod_session: After parsing the value of the header specified by the

SessionHeader directive, remove the value from the response. PR 55279.


mod_auth_form: Make sure the optional functions are loaded even when

the AuthFormProvider isn't specified.

Vote, comment.


* STATUS: Nominate PR 55397 for 2.2.x

* STATUS: Nominate changes for PR 55397



Followup to r1529559: mod_dav_fs: Fix encoding of hrefs in PROPFIND response.

Previous commit missed encoding the names of the children of the PROPFIND

request when the depth wasn't 0.

* modules/dav/fs/repos.c

(dav_fs_append_uri): New function

(dav_fs_walker): Use dav_fs_append_uri() and adjust length calculations to

use the encoded length.

syntax sugar... if the worker is associated w/ a UDS,

then make sure the log reporting has a visual clue.

Reformat the UDS support inline with a new naming structure.

Use a flag for speed for testing.

Merge r1526666, r1527220 from trunk:

WinNT MPM: Exit the child if the parent process crashes or is terminated.

Submitted by: Oracle, via trawick

The original modification was made some years ago for Oracle HTTP Server

by an Oracle employee. trawick made additional changes for style and

for trunk/2.4.x changes.

Follow up to r1526666:


a. it is sufficient

b. it avoids an issue where PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS is larger on

newer SDKs, resulting in a run-time error when running on

older Windows

Close the handle.

Submitted by: Ivan Zhakov <ivan>

Submitted by: trawick

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1530793 from trunk:

core: Don't truncate output when sending is interrupted by a signal,

such as from an exiting CGI process.

PR: 55643

Submitted by: trawick

Reviewed/backported by: jim




propose a WinNT fix
PR 55643?

save a possible lookup

core: Don't truncate output when sending is interrupted by a signal,

such as from an exiting CGI process.

PR: 55643

follow-up to r1530603: fix typo/syntax error