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Changeset 152910 is being indexed.

Fix the comment: we're dropping the value's

trailing '&' or ';', not the name's trailing '='

(which is where this comment was cribbed from).

Bump libtool prereqs to 1.4.3. On RedHat 7.3, libtool 1.4.2

munges the local .lib/*.so file names.

Submitted by: Edward J. Sabol

Reviewed by: joes

Return the proper status and headers when serving a revalidated response.

* modules/cache/mod_cache.c

(cache_save_filter): Load in the cached status and headers; send a flush

rather than an EOS when the client request is conditional.

* modules/cache/mod_cache.h: Export ap_cache_accept_headers.

* modules/cache/cache_storage.c: Rename accept_headers to


Cleanup structures in mod_cache and friends to remove unused or unnecessary

fields. Also resolves a number of latent bugs due to the wrong fields being


Groan. Update transformation.

If we rec' a bad response header line, ignore what we've

rec'd so far and force BAD_GATEWAY.

Bump libtool prereqs to 1.4.3, since 1.4.2 is broken on RedHat 7.3.

Submitted by: Edward J. Sabol

Reviewed by: joes

move some declarations earlier, for the benefit of certain

compilers like VC++.

Convert APREQ_RUN_PARSER and APREQ_RUN_HOOK to inline, and downcase them.

Remove apreq_memmem.

Convert apreq_(un)escape to inline.

apreq_escape does not create an apreq_value_t*.

Initialize default_parsers explicitly to NULL.

Convert APREQ_BRIGADE_COPY to inline, and downcase it.


Convert apreq_cookie_name and apreq_cookie_value macros to inline.

Convert apreq_param_name, apreq_param_value, apreq_param_info, apreq_param_brigade to inline.

Add apreq_initialize to allow thread-safe parser registration.

Submitted by: Max Kellermann

Reviewed by: joes

* modules/cache/mod_cache.h: Move the structure declaration of cache_handle

near its typedef declaration.

* modules/cache/mod_cache.c: One more try at proper handling of revalidated


...All together now, we hate uninitialized variables...

* modules/cache/mod_disk_cache.c: Properly load cached ETag from on-disk


Adjust to use apreq_parsers.h for parser/hook macro defs.

Show pretty autoconf messages while checking glue dependencies.

Submitted by: Max Kellermann

Reviewed by: joes

Add mod_aspdotnet to svn:ignore

* Announce 2.0.53.

* Update Netcraft cite (here we go to 100%!).

* Add in cli/mod dir which doesn't seem to have been added in docs??

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Update Ant libraries to understand SVN checkouts by ignoring .svn dirs.

    • ?
German translation of the 2.0.53 announcement

Document the new optional parameter for AuthLDAPUrl
Update announcement for 2.0.53.

Remove mod_proxy module name aliases for httpd>=2.1.
Better handle the case where ProxyBadHeader StartBody is

in effect and we think we've started reading in the

response body. Take advantage of the fact that the

line read is still in buffer (and document that)

to allow us to add to the bb.

Change where we set r->user if we're setting it from a

client certificate.

Update an old vote (actually, the bug was two issues).

Call a vote a vote, and trim up STATUS a bit. R-T-C on branches/httpd-2.0

was decided, revisited at AC2004, and modified a bit for lazy concensus

of platform maintainance changes, based on list discussion.

Ignore both PATH_INFO as well as PATH_TRANSLATED to avoid hiccups

from additional path information passed in non-utf-8 format.

Submitted by: Richard Donkin <rd9>

Not a terribly interesting commit. Adopt the newest copyright convention

and update to this year.

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Fixing new-style copyright declarations. These files go back

in time to the httpd-win32-msi project, cira 2000.

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Onward ho to 2.0.54-dev land.

Tag 2.0.53.

2.0.53 coming your way.

update transformation

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