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Changeset 151466 is being indexed.

Update an old vote (actually, the bug was two issues).

Call a vote a vote, and trim up STATUS a bit. R-T-C on branches/httpd-2.0

was decided, revisited at AC2004, and modified a bit for lazy concensus

of platform maintainance changes, based on list discussion.

Ignore both PATH_INFO as well as PATH_TRANSLATED to avoid hiccups

from additional path information passed in non-utf-8 format.

Submitted by: Richard Donkin <rd9>

Not a terribly interesting commit. Adopt the newest copyright convention

and update to this year.

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Fixing new-style copyright declarations. These files go back

in time to the httpd-win32-msi project, cira 2000.

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Onward ho to 2.0.54-dev land.

Tag 2.0.53.

2.0.53 coming your way.

update transformation

  1. … 385 more files in changeset.
- fix some still missing copyright notices

- 2004 -> 2005 in the docs footer...

update transformation

update german translation

update transformation

apply doc improvements from 2.1

adjust revision references

  1. … 224 more files in changeset.
Spool bucket cleanups:

There can only be one spool bucket for a given tempfile,

because that bucket marks where new data may be appended.

So fo now we mark copy() as unimplemented (may fix this later

once we determine whether the orignal, or the copy, keeps

the spool tag). Now split() is corrected to convert

the lead bucket back to an ordinary apr_bucket_type_file.

update revision references

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

  1. … 508 more files in changeset.
* ssl/ssl_expr_scan.c: The one that got away. Fix copyright comment.

Sync with httpd-2.0 changes.

Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

  1. … 469 more files in changeset.
update transformation

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Also consider moving apreq.h -> apreq_common.h,

and renaming apreq_env.h -> apreq.h.

update Spanish translation:

* manual/, manual/vhosts/ sync with English version

* manual/ new translation

Submitted by: Jesús Blanco <blanco>

Reviewed by: Daniel Lopez

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fix some typos

Submitted by: Jesús Blanco <blanco>

remove bogus t/test_module.* files
Widespread API refactorization to remove apreq_jar_t and apreq_request_t:

- Header includes reorganized; apreq_parsers.h added (back again).

- Replaced apreq_jar_t and apreq_request_t with single apreq_env_handle_t.

- Added const qualifier to "v" attribute of apreq_cookie_t and apreq_param_t.

- Use union type-puns to drop const qualifiers inside the new

apreq_value_to_cookie and apreq_value_to_param implementations

(gcc generates same object code as the macro versions did).

- Moved "flags" attribute from apreq_value_t to apreq_cookie_t and apreq_param_t.

- Remove env argument from hooks and parsers.

- Reduce apreq_env_module to minimal set of operations.

- Replace apreq_log calls with apreq-specific error codes.

- Hooks are called on each body param now, not just during file uploads.

- Tie the cgi handle to its creator pool.

Detailed changes by header file:


- Remove flags from apreq_value_t.

- Remove const qualifier from apreq_value_t's "name" attribute.

- Remove apreq_value_merge* and apreq_value_copy*.

- Remove apreq_char_to_value, apreq_strtoval, and apreq_strlen.

- Move apreq_enctype to apreq_env.h.

- Move apreq_env_handle_t struct definition to apreq_env.h

- Change signature of apreq_decode.

- Move apreq_brigade_concat here, changed its signature and improved it alot.

- Remove apreq_brigade_spoolfile.

- Dropped APREQ_*_ENCTYPE, renamed some APREQ_$foo defaults APREQ_DEFAULT_$foo.

- Added APREQ_ERROR_*.


- Remove apreq_env.h include.

- Remove apreq_jar_t.

- Add "flags" to apreq_cookie_t, add const qualifier to its "v" attr.

- Remove apreq_jar* functions.

- Add apreq_parse_cookie_header.

- Move apreq_cookie, apreq_cookie_bake(2), and

apreq_ua_cookie_version to apreq_env.h.


- Remove apreq_env.h include.

- Remove apreq_request_t.

- Add "flags" to apreq_param_t, and const qualifier to its "v" attr.

- Rename "bb" attribute "upload" in apreq_param_t.

- Remove apreq_request* functions.

- Remove apreq_parse_request.

- Changed apreq_decode_param signature.

- Replace env argument with apr_table_t in apreq_params_as_array,


- Move remaining apreq_param* to apreq_env.h.

- Move parser and hook sections to apreq_parsers.h.

- Change apreq_upload(s) old apreq_request_t arg to apr_table_t.


- Acquire the hook and parser sections of original apreq_params.h.

- Remove env argument from APREQ_PARSER_ARGS and APREQ_HOOK_ARGS

- Augment apreq_hook_t and apreq_parser_t to replace missing env features.

- Change apreq_make_parser and apreq_make_hook signatures.

- Rename apreq_add_hook to apreq_parser_add_hook, returning apr_status_t.

- Change apreq_parser signature.


- Remove read, log, pool, bucket_alloc, request, jar, and query_string methods.

- Include apreq_parsers.h.

- Reorganize apreq_env_module_t to provide hook, parser, jar, args,

& body table ops.

- Rename max_brigade to "brigade_limit", max_body to "read_limit".

- Change related module sigs, including temp_dir, to get/set methods.

- Add parser and read_limit args to apreq_env_make_custom_handle.

- Drop "name" arg and APREQ_ENV_MODULE =~ s/_ENV//.

- s/apreq_env_make/apreq_handle/ in the handle constructor names.

[mod_apreq.c, apreq_env_apache2.h]

- Changed APREQ_Max* configs to APREQ_BrigadeLimit and APREQ_ReadLimit.

- Handle constructor renamed apreq_handle_apache2.

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  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
Reflect one merged backport.

Also, rewrite one backport description to actually make sense to mere mortals.

Do some housekeeping on the STATUS file.

Also, move some stale or stagnant backports to a new category.

Update STATUS with backported changes, and add a comment re: check_forensic.

Fix --with-apr=/usr and/or --with-apr-util=/usr.

MFC: 151255

PR: 297409

Submitted by: Max Bowsher <maxb>

Reviewed by: jerenkrantz, trawick, fielding, pquerna