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Run clean with 2.4.x again

In 2.4.x

Merge r1406068, r1425777, r1427546, r1462643, r1487530, r1493330 from trunk:

Replace duplicate log tags

Check that AsyncRequestWorkerFactor is not negative

PR :54254

Submitted by: Jackie Zhang <jackie qq zhang gmail com>

remove unneeded include statements

Name pool + concat string at compile time when possible

* modules/filters/mod_ratelimit.c (rate_limit_filter): Log the error


Correct typo in error message

Submitted by: sf, jailletc36, jorton, jailletc36

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1481891, r1482075, r1482170, r1482555 from trunk:

mod_proxy: Ensure we don't attempt to amend a table we are iterating

through, ensuring that all headers listed by Connection are removed.

mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http: Connection headers must be stripped on the way

in and out, support an optional function to handle this.

hunk 1: C89 please;

hunk 2: optional functions are usually declared static.

mod_proxy: Make sure we skip empty tokens when parsing the Connection


Submitted by: minfrin, fuankg, minfrin

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1457471, r1457504, r1462266, r1468581 from trunk:

mod_auth_basic: Add a generic mechanism to fake basic authentication

using the ap_expr parser. This allows the administrator to construct

their own username and password for basic authentication based on their

needs. Alternative fix for PR52616.

Remove the Authorization header should either the username or the password

resolve to an empty string.

* Inherit providers during merging

mod_auth_basic: Allow AuthBasicFake to be switched off for an URL space.

Submitted by: minfrin, rpluem, minfrin

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1483027 from trunk:

mod_proxy_http: Make the proxy-interim-response environment variable

effective by formally overriding origin server behaviour.

Submitted by: minfrin

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1501399 from trunk:

We are no longer pre-grabbing.

Reviewed/backported by: jim

As shipped, 2.2.25
Done with 2.0.x
As shipped, 2.0.65
Split para
Some votes, promote
drop a stray 8-bit char at end of line in comment (was r1498199 in trunk)
gratuitous 8-bit char in a comment (was r1498200 in trunk)
    • ?

The subject heading above reads "Release history:"

Removing non-historical commentary from this section

Note about new UDS support
And it is done.
    • ?
correct year

Question re: casts

- add simple mod_unique_id test case

    • ?
* modules/metadata/mod_unique_id.c: Replace use of hostname + pid with

PRNG output.

Submitted by: Jan Kaluza <jkaluza>

Reviewed by: sf, jorton

Updated fix for issue which was initially addressed in r1500108:

mod_ssl: Fix "SNI for backend" when compiled against

OpenSSL without support for SSLv2.

PR 55194.

Followup to r1497466. Does not apply to trunk or 2.4.x.

Proposed by: kbrand

Reviewed by: wrowe, rpluem

Revert r1500108 (as discussed on dev@, to be updated

with the next commit):

mod_ssl: Fix "SNI for backend" when compiled against

OpenSSL without support for SSLv2.

PR 55194.

Followup to r1497466. Does not apply to trunk or 2.4.x.

Pick up win32 packages
Preparing for .msi builds of 2.0.65/2.2.25
As released
As released