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Changeset 1489917 is being indexed.

core: Add MaxRanges directive to control the number of ranges permitted

before returning the entire resource, with a default limit of 200.

Set 'Accept-Ranges: none' in the case Ranges are being ignored with

MaxRanges none.

Backport of r1162584, r1162587, r1166282, r1166663 and r1166667 from

trunk resp. r1164894, r1164896, r1166612 and r1166772 from 2.2.x.

Proposed/Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: wrowe, covener

xforms for AllowAnyURI

Backport AllowAnyURI related revisions from 2.2.x to pave the way for CVE-2011-4317

Reviewed by:rjung, wrowe, covener

Fix patch version number (thanks to covener).

v2 has a format error in a hunk header.

v3 is the same patch buth with correct patch format.

note for posterity the -v3 patch


vote/promote MaxRanges

sorry, missed that rjung fixed objection

htdigest: Fix buffer overflow when reading digest

password file with very long lines.

PR 54893.

Backport of r1475878 from trunk resp.

r1476089 from 2.4.x resp. r1476242

from 2.2.x.

Proposed/Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: minfrin, wrowe

mod_ssl: Backport SSLHonorCipher

PR 28665.

Backport of r103832 and r103837 from trunk.

Proposed/Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: humbedooh, wrowe

Typos in config comments.

Backports of r290940, r713575 and r732816

from 2.4.x resp. r1489879 from 2.2.x.

Typos in config comments.

Backports of r290940, r713575 and r732816

from 2.4.x.

If we are holding a going-away party for 2.0, vote and promote a few patches
Follow-up to r1488773 for configure builds.

Added new function r.date_parse_rfc() to mod_lua.

add a README for the sandbox based on private@ discussion.

Fixed crash condition when r.module_info() is called

for modules which dont have directives.

Bug found and fix submitted by gsmith, slightly modified by fuankg.

Added new functions r:mkdir(), r:mkrdir(), r:rmdir() to mod_lua.

Added new function r:htpassword() to mod_lua.

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Add a new -l parameter in order not to check the length of the responses. This can be usefull with dynamic pages.

PR9945, PR27888, PR42040



Added header protection.

Check if malloc succeeded

PR54344 [Bill Parker, wp02855 gmail com]

Added optional parameter wanted to r:stat().

3rd patch from PR45355
vote&promote Lua trunk synch

name a few areas of contribution
* modules/ssl/ssl_util_ocsp.c (read_response): Ignore empty buckets in

the brigade, which can be left over from line splitting. Fixes case

where the OCSP response was only partially read from the wire.

Update proposal.