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update transformation

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preapps and comments/responses

Replace usage of 'apache' with 'apache httpd' where appropriate
property fixes.

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Adds a stub starter file for mod_macro usage, to make people aware that it's there.

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update transformation

update props

Adds mod_macro french and resolves svn (minor) svn conflicts.

update transformation

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validation errors

Update syntax highlighter to match mod_macro definitions
Adds mod_macro (english) to docs.

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Tweaks to make the xml validate and build

Add mod_macro to Windows build.

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[Documentation] Adding a number of .fr translation files for 2.4 documentation
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notes and vote
Added mod_policy to NetWare build.

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Added mod_macro to NetWare build.

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Add "mod_macro" as a standard module, compiled in with "most".

This module was created in 1998 and has been distributed independently

ever since. It is hereby donated to the Apache Software Foundation.

There are quite a few comments in the source code to explain how it works,

as well as extensive non regression tests.

Some utilities about array processing could be moved to "core.c".

However, I finally decided against for now so that it stays as an external

and independent module, and thus may be backported with minimal impact

on the source tree.

Details of the addition:

* modules/core/mod_macro.c: module source code

* modules/core/test: non regression tests

modules/core/test/conf/: configuration files

modules/core/test/ref/: expected results

* docs/manual/mod/mod_macro.xml: English documentation

* docs/manual/mod/ French documentation

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Add note to proposal. Thanks for reminder.
add note to proposal
comment out tests for checks that are not yet implemented


ErrorLogFormat has different defaults on different MPMs
ErrorLogFormat has different defaults on different MPMs
fix "missing" example