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Changeset 1375686 is being indexed.

* core: add filesystem paths to some common error messages.

Backports: r1301504

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

* core: Fix error handling in ap_scan_script_header_err_brigade() if there

is no EOS bucket in the brigade:

Also don't loop if there is a timeout when discarding the script output.

Thanks to Edgar Frank for the analysis.

Note CHANGES entry omits mention of non-2.2 mod_proxy_fcgi

Backports: r1311174

Submitted by: sf

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

* server/main.c (main): Bail out *before* signalling the server

if the config is bad. (as per the claim in the docs!)

Backports: r1328345

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

Reviewed and backporting now
Add vulnerabilities closed with 2.4.3.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c (ssl_io_filter_handshake): Add a

wildcard common name match.

PR: 53006

fix an grammatical error

fix an grammatical error


ready for 2.4.3 anncouncement
* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c (ssl_init_proxy_certs): Update comment,

thanks to kbrand.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_connect.c (proxy_connect_handler): Fix

use of APLOGNO().

s/it's/its/ and fix another minor error
fix xml syntax error in r1375113
Merge r1356115, r1356813, r1086662 (tiny subset), and r1032431 from trunk:

mod_rewrite: Add "AllowAnyURI" option. PR 52774. [Joe Orton]

mod_rewrite: Fix the RewriteEngine directive to work within a

location. Previously, once RewriteEngine was switched on globally,

it was impossible to switch off. [Graham Leggett]

Reviewed by: rjung, wrowe, trawick

Only substitute slashes if needed.

Avoid error message from del since we print already an own.


mod_ssl: when compiled against OpenSSL 1.0.1 or later, allow explicit

control of TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 through the SSLProtocol directive,

adding TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 support by default given 'SSLProtocol All'.

Picked up comment edit, trusting openssl compilation state and current

method which openssl uses to include opensslconf.h - if this should be

refined, it needs to be refined for other openssl operations as well.

Any #define OPENSSL_* for httpd alone would be invalid, these are all

namespace protected by project.

Submitted by: kbrand, wrowe

Backports: 1222921, 1222930, 1225476, 1225792

Reviewed by: sf, kbrand, rjung

minor tweaks: fix server version banner, forget about old SSLMutex directive

Add default value of PrivilegesMode to docs.

Backport of r1375011 from trunk.

Clarify code comment.


Backport of r1375009 from trunk.

Fixed install.log output for SSL port.

Removed tabs and traling spaces.

Backport of r1375034 - no functional change.

Removed tabs and traling spaces.