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Changeset 109382 is being indexed.

- drop unused code

- check whether the given via prompt path is a real file (for httpd/apxs)

Test handling of interim 1xx responses.

Add alias for mod_proxy_ajp.

Test that ProxyPassReverse does rewrite Location headers.

Simple ProxyPass tests.

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Don't run the mod_deflate/304 tests until they pass.
Add generic reverse proxy worker so that module-driven reverse proxying works. It is enabled by default, but IMO it should be configurable like any other worker so we can limit the number of outgoing connections.
Update test docs to use svn
add the forgotten test


Add cookie jar tests

Contributed by: "Christopher H. Laco" <>

&foo is evil (thanks geoff)

correct the plan's need rules

Build proxy_ajp too when --enable-proxy is declared.

Add flags to apreq_value_t, planning for future charset support.

This is an ABI change, starting with

Update transformation.

Update Japanese translation.

add FCGIWrapper /usr/local/bin/php .php support

Add apreq_env_bucket_alloc() to get an allocator directly from the

environment instead of creating them from a pool. This is an

ABI change, starting with libapreq2-2.0.23.

Declare the ap_set_listen* functions with AP_DECLARE_NONSTD for Win32 support.

(I think this is what is needed for Win32, but I'm not quite sure.)

patch for ap_scan_script_header_err_core()

Add --with-apache2-httpd option so users can override apxs's

notion of where the httpd executable is. XSBuilder's header

parser runs from buildconf now instead of configure, so we

will include those tables in the release tarball. buildconf

gets an additional --with-perl option for running the

parsing script. The XS generation code in has moved

to glue/perl/Makefile.PL.

Notes: This patch probably breaks the Win32 build, and the new arg

parsing code for buildconf is copied from httpd's buildconf script.

Allow APR to exist and build outside of the httpd/srclib file structure
  1. … 40 more files in changeset.

A few more svn ignores.

ignore Makefile.old

Drop internal apreq_parser_fcn struct. It is simpler to

work with a pointer-to-function-pointer, which is (void *)-

compatible (even though function-pointers are not).

Allow --with-ap[ru]-config flags to override the apxs path

when --with-apache2-apxs is used. Users need this option

when ap[ru]-config is renamed/reshuffled after installation,

but the installed apxs isn't updated to reflect the change.

Replace the hardcoded "httpd" with `apxs -q progname`,

since vendors (eg. Mandrake) sometimes name it "httpd2"

or somesuch.

Also add --with-apache2-httpd flag to allow users to

override the path to httpd, which is normally

derived from

% apxs -q SBINDIR progname

Users need this option when httpd is renamed/reshuffled

after installation, but the installed apxs isn't updated

to reflect the change.

Revert my patch of this a.m. while I work out all the

potential forward declaration pitfalls.