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Submitted by: Sascha Kersken <sk>


Submitted by: Jeff Trawick


Submitted by: Jeff Trawick

update transformation

Change "new" WorkerStackSize directive to ThreadStackSize

Move existing Netware docs and links on ThreadStackSize to


  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
use existing directive name ThreadStackSize instead of


as made obvious by: Brad Nicholes

backport enableexceptionhook documentation

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
* server/ Revert duplicate eoc_bucket.c in


Backport source-build change for Win32 to accomodate the elimiation

of ssl-std.conf. (rev 1.136 - 1.138) Substitute all fields correctly

from, and then only if openssl is detected.

update transformation

German translation of EnableExceptionHook

Reviewed by: Kess

clarify the enableexceptionhook description

Bugfix 2 - fix the rest of the subst codes for ssl.conf on Win32.

Obvious fix to mod_cgid

update transformation

add initial documentation for EnableExceptionHook. Please review.

Add missing source

nasty storage corruption problem

whoops - moving to fast - fix 1.135 to exclude the appropriate

makefile section if ssl.conf is unneeded.

mod_cgid: Fix storage corruption caused by use of incorrect pool.

Bugfix 1; if no ssl, no reason for ssl.conf.

Forward-port from mod_dav 1.0:

* server/util_xml.c (ap_xml_parse_input): Give a 413 (Request Entity

Too Large) not a 400 if the client exceeds the configured XML request

body limit.

Forward-port from mod_dav 1.0:

* modules/dav/main/util.c (dav_validate_resource_state): Fix a 2617

violation: if the lock user validation fails, rather than giving a 401

without a WWW-Authenticate header, give a 403.

Improve helpfulness of error messages when accept mutex has a problem.

fly by backport pimping


Satisfy directives now can be influenced by a surrounding <Limit>


PR: 14726.

repos.c: In function `dav_fs_copymove_file':

repos.c:315: warning: `perms' might be used uninitialized in this function

fix description order and add descriptions for new zip files

update transformation