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Changeset 607328 is being indexed.

- add test case for CVE-2007-6388

- add test case for CVE-2007-5000

svn:eol-style native

- unmark as TODO; works for trunk

- add CGI script for PR 43738 test case, missed in previous commit

    • ?
- add TODO test for PR 43738

    • ?
    • ?
Add test case for PR 43550, marked as "todo".

Submitted by: Jose Kahan <jose>

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    • ?
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- add test case for include of negotiated document

    • ?
* t/modules/include.t: Fix timezone issues for some platforms.

Submitted by: Sriskanthaverl <engsris>

svn:eol-style = native

- add regression test for CVE-2006-5752

The fact that it's broken in 2.0 is a bug, and the test suite should bring that out.
- enable the tests for RewriteMap process-based lookups

fix eol-style

- add test case for PR 37166.

    • ?
property fixes

- enable register_argc_argv so that the tests don't fail depending

on the php.ini setting of same

- attempt to adapt for trunk aaa changes; this doesn't work

but it does at least compile - not sure whether the problem

is in this code or the aaa code.

- remove test for the wrong bug, for the moment

Remove mod_imap -> mod_imagemap fudge, which becomes superfluous when the

alias goes away.

Modify to use need_imagemap

Make the imap -> imagemap conversion conditional on having at

least httpd version 2.1.5.

Fix for mod_imap masquerading as mod_imagemap.

Submitted by: Martin Mrazik <mmrazik>

- add test case for PR 33791 aka CVE-2005-3357.

- add regression test for PR 18757

- ignore core files

- add test for CVE-2005-3352

    • ?
- regression test for the chunk filter bug; requires a mod_bucketeer

change to not pass the brigade for every FLUSH bucket

    • ?
- set encoding="none" since " characters now get escaped

- check response status to make failure due to non-2xx

response obvious