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- add test case which drip-feeds a chunked response byte by byte, to

exercise the non-blocking chunked response parser

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Tread roughshod over the negotiation tests. Apache 1.3 doesn't know of

MultiViewsMatch, so turn that configuration bit off for 1.3, and turn off

the test that uses it. Using need_min_apache_version() looks like the only

way I see to do this conditionally. Patch up the logic that counts the tests

for the test plan, and that designates the final test in the sequence as a

TODO (since the TODO is the one I'm turning off). This seems to do what I

need, hope I'm not breaking things too badly.

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Add test case for PR 43550, marked as "todo".

Submitted by: Jose Kahan <jose>

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- add test case for include of negotiated document

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* t/modules/include.t: Fix timezone issues for some platforms.

Submitted by: Sriskanthaverl <engsris>

- enable the tests for RewriteMap process-based lookups

Remove mod_imap -> mod_imagemap fudge, which becomes superfluous when the

alias goes away.

Make the imap -> imagemap conversion conditional on having at

least httpd version 2.1.5.

Fix for mod_imap masquerading as mod_imagemap.

Submitted by: Martin Mrazik <mmrazik>

tests requiring LWP when LWP is not available are now skipped

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The mod_cache + mod_dir fixes are now in th 2.2.x branch, run the cache.t test

>= 2.1.9

Add a a test for mod_cache and mod_dir brokenness.

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- fix skip message since the test is enabled for >= 2.0.55

Trim double spaces in the expected strftime output too; otherwise

this test will fail spuriously on dates like "August 2".

fix line endings

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- require both proxy_http and proxy_balancer so this is skipped with 2.0.x

Add in a simple test for balancer functionality...

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Run revproxy escaping test against 2.0.55 and later.

Add regression test for mod_include QUERY_STRING corruption issue

based on test case provided by Deomid Ryabkov, PR 12655.

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Fix a skip message.

Add test for "ProxyPass ... !".

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Explain the test.

Add test for PR 15207, proxy abs_path decoding issue.

Enable test for 2.0.53.

Regression test for PR#32985.

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Use have_cgi for run with mod_cgid too, skip 1xx passthrough

tests with <2.1.0.

svn:eol-style = native

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Do run the 304 tests for 2.1.0.

Use 102 not 101 since 101 has specific semantics.
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Test handling of interim 1xx responses.

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