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add config to test SSLCACertificatePath

subset of pkg.sslcfg/ca-bundle.crt for testing SSLCACertficatePath

ignore generated

script for testing SSLPassPhraseDialog exec:

add some IfDefines to assist in testing SSLPassPhraseDialog

change CA cert/key files to use the test naming conventions:

cacert.crt => ca.crt

cakey.pem => ca.pem

export the CA cert to export/ca.p12; useful for importing into IE.


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SSLMutex is not available on all platforms; just go with the defalt

add a CustomLog to test ssl var lookups during the logging phase

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Ignore some generated files and directories.

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removing ssl-test files that are now generated

integrate with new Apache::TestSSLCA module

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add descriptions for certs/keys/crl

dont need _default: thinger any more for test module VirtualHosts

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gimme a space!

remove ssl.conf documentation comments and indent making it easier to read


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move ssl cert/key directives and the like into the base config

so other VirtualHosts can enable ssl without duplicating this config


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skip ssl/basicauth test unless mod_auth is enabled

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use ssl_module variable names instead of hardcoded mod_ssl

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update crl lastUpdate field (good for another 5 years now)

add test for "SSLOptions +FakeBasicAuth"

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
add some config for testing "SSLOptions +StdEnvVars"


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use new VirtualHost auto port allocation rather than special case SSLPort

add config and another client cert/key for SSLRequire testing

create a directory structure for keys, certs and crls

add things needed to test SSLVerifyClient

point to new locations

add mod_ssl test config