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property cleanup

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Remove .cvsignore files
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Fix t/ssl/proxy.t tests which could fail spuriously depending on ordering

of files within t/conf/ssl/ca/asf/proxy/.

Submitted by: Sander Temme <>

Allow ssl/basicauth.t test to work by conditionally determining what auth

modules we have available.

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no such thing anymore ;)

test https->http as well as http->https and https->https

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wrap all this with ifmodule $ssl_module

use SSLProxyCARevocationPath

test all of the SSLProxy* directives


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setup another vhost for proxyssl with SSLEngine On so we can test

https <-> https

add a SSLProxyCARevocationFile

turn on SSLProxyVerify

configure an SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile

move the SSLProxy directives inside the VirtualHost

need SSLProxyEngine On

ignorance where ignorance is due...

add config for testing proxy ssl support

configure dsa versions of server certs/keys

add config to test SSLCACertificatePath

subset of pkg.sslcfg/ca-bundle.crt for testing SSLCACertficatePath

ignore generated

script for testing SSLPassPhraseDialog exec:

add some IfDefines to assist in testing SSLPassPhraseDialog

change CA cert/key files to use the test naming conventions:

cacert.crt => ca.crt

cakey.pem => ca.pem

export the CA cert to export/ca.p12; useful for importing into IE.


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SSLMutex is not available on all platforms; just go with the defalt

add a CustomLog to test ssl var lookups during the logging phase

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Ignore some generated files and directories.

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removing ssl-test files that are now generated

integrate with new Apache::TestSSLCA module

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add descriptions for certs/keys/crl