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Remove .cvsignore files
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* c-modules/nntp_like/mod_nntp_like.c: Only set the timeout if we're enabled.

Fix up nntp-like and content-length tests to pass.

* c-modules/nntp_like/mod_nntp_like.c: Add pre_connection hook so that the

timeout on the socket is set. (NET_TIME which normally does this is a

request filter); Minor style changes thrown in for good measure.

* t/protocol/nntp-like.t: Was t_cmp argument order swapped? The debugging

output makes no sense and leads me to believe they are reversed.

* t/apache/contentlength.t: Sending a blank C-L *should* generate a 413

(not sure what I was thinking initially why a 200 is correct); flip t_cmp

arguments and give a more descriptive error message.

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Fix brigade handling: don't re-use destroyed brigade.

Update to new bucket brigades API

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*readbytes is now readbytes, so remove the &zero construct.

(This show exactly why this change was the right thing to do.)

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Sync up with new input filtering prototype changes.

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move all ssl vhost config inside <IfModule @ssl_module@>

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add a test for nntp-like protocols

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