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empty, tags/ will follow when I can commit in a single reorg (not from

somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic)

really a per-test-codebase sort of file, not global


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must-have, only missing from framework

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relocate perl-framework as it's own top level test/ codebase.

the perl- is needlessly confusing, so it's coded it perl... and so?

httpd-framework would be clearer but it lives in httpd/, so let's

make this trivial to type.

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relocate specweb99 support
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flood is independent of framework, mod_specweb etc

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Implement a random substitution feature; requires a requesttemplate,

one or more substitution variables of the form ${varname) in the

requesttemplate and a substitution file formatted with one value

per newline delimited line (more than one variable per URL permitted).

The variables and files are referred to as subst variables and subst

files. Each time the URL is sent the subst variable is replaced with

one line randomly selected from the subst file. Any part of the

requesttemplate can be randomly substituted, protocol, host, port, etc.

The algorithm tries to make the creation time of the substitution

independent of the size of the subst file. The randomness of the

selection can be adversely impacted if the sizes of the different

entries in the subst file vary considerably.

Submitted by: Guy Ferraiolo <guyf>

Rely on the symlink existing to the 'current' stylesheet rev dir

- add test case which drip-feeds a chunked response byte by byte, to

exercise the non-blocking chunked response parser

Tread roughshod over the negotiation tests. Apache 1.3 doesn't know of

MultiViewsMatch, so turn that configuration bit off for 1.3, and turn off

the test that uses it. Using need_min_apache_version() looks like the only

way I see to do this conditionally. Patch up the logic that counts the tests

for the test plan, and that designates the final test in the sequence as a

TODO (since the TODO is the one I'm turning off). This seems to do what I

need, hope I'm not breaking things too badly.

Ignore generated module *.so
- quote no-longer-numeric argument

- fix ambiguous list expansion which meant these

tests ran for all versions, and run for >= 2.2.7

- add test case for CVE-2007-6388

    • ?
- add test case for CVE-2007-5000

    • ?
svn:eol-style native

- unmark as TODO; works for trunk

- add CGI script for PR 43738 test case, missed in previous commit

    • ?
- add TODO test for PR 43738

  1. ./perl-framework/t/htdocs/modules/ssl/md5
  2. ./perl-framework/t/htdocs/modules/ssl/sha
    • ?
    • ?
Add test case for PR 43550, marked as "todo".

Submitted by: Jose Kahan <jose>

- add test case for include of negotiated document

* t/modules/include.t: Fix timezone issues for some platforms.

Submitted by: Sriskanthaverl <engsris>

svn:eol-style = native

- add regression test for CVE-2006-5752

    • ?
The fact that it's broken in 2.0 is a bug, and the test suite should bring that out.

- enable the tests for RewriteMap process-based lookups

* examples/round-robin-dynamic.xml: Remove requestparamcount as that isn't

examined or used now.

Update flood to the new license header.

* flood/NOTICE: Update the copyright year to the date of first publication.

* flood/flood_farmer.c, flood/flood_report_relative_times.h,

flood/flood_simple_reports.h, flood/flood_test.c, flood/flood.c,

flood/flood_farmer.h, flood/flood_socket_generic.c, flood/flood_farm.c,

flood/flood_socket_generic.h, flood/flood_farm.h, flood/flood_config.c,

flood/flood_net_ssl.c, flood/flood_config.h, flood/flood_net_ssl.h,

flood/flood_socket_keepalive.c, flood/flood_easy_reports.c,

flood/flood_round_robin.c, flood/flood_socket_keepalive.h,

flood/flood_easy_reports.h, flood/flood_round_robin.h, flood/flood_net.c,

flood/flood_net.h, flood/flood_profile.c, flood/flood_profile.h,

flood/flood_report_relative_times.c, flood/flood_simple_reports.c:

Update to new license header.

(Used committers/relicense/src/perl/

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