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adapting expectation to changed url reporting in error docs
* re-enabling trailer test in h2 state handler

* adding trailer test for http2 proxy test

changes in expectations for v1.11.4
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Removing tests for specific ssl protocol as too dependant on system ssl vs. local ssl vs. propxy connections.

Make distclean work.

Adjusting SSL Version expectations, fixing invoking of configured curl binary

work on configure to avoid local installs when system provides necessary components
first step in trying to make this test stop try to build curl. I have curl. The right one. With HTTP2 support. So why do we need to rebuild? Who knows. But now I need to figure out what to do about clients/Makefile*

Adjusting version check to lowest httpd version that may support TLSv1.3

some tweaks on cgi script and resulting resonse formatting
define version checks in proper order
version check for TLSv1.3 support
adjusting TLSv1.3 expectations for new trunk behaviour
Proper SSL protocol checks when using OpenSSL 1.1.1x against trunk

* removing no longer needed check for php-cgi

* using nghttp/h2load executable from $prefix, as default, over system installed ones

info h2 log level again
adding lost file
tweaks for tlsv1.3 testing
adding logio things to test log format
* allow configure to spec for a specific local openssl version

tlsv1.3 conf and some timing leeway in go tests when high log levels are actrive
check for new tlsv1.3 when openssl supports it
adjusting for SSLPolicy config changes in trunk
disabling brotli in locally build curl, as not needed
adding full cycle restart make target for convenience
updated curl and nghttp2 versions
use SSLPolicy when available
updated nghttp2 and curl versions
update nghttp2 version
upload data generation now on demand, allowing arbitrary test case ordering, updated ssl and libev versions
adding header tests for mod_proxy_http2 X- reverse proxy headers