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unexplained perl hangs

README: add a note about ssl certs expiration
This is required for SSL as well.

prevent inf loops...

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I think i've rediscovered this three times

Just in case, IO::Select should be explicit

A couple of dependency observations from Chris Cheetham
Added some hints to debug test errors and fixed two typos
h2 in 2.4

Slight reorg of README.

Update README.

IMHO no need to track history in file.

Clarify we only need Protocol::HTTP2::Client

not Protocol::HTTP2 for testing mod_http2

and remove reference to trunk and mod_h2.

Maybe we can get Bundle::ApacheTest checked

and updated.

first working version of mod_h2 tests, updated README for required CPAN modules, tested with openssl 1.0.2d on the server and 0.98 on the client, early experience
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update versions :)

Update for use of DateTime

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some trouble shooting when dealing with openssl version mismatches
some advise, some trouble shoorting help added
Fix documentation URL
Update to reflect current status

Correctly describe the current test ordering behaviour.

t/SMOKE now allows for times