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Add tests for env= and expr=
Add more tests for mod_headers in order to increase test coverage.

Up to now, only 'set', 'append', 'add' and 'unset 'were tested.

Clean-up of my pearl usage would be highly appreciated.

Additonnal tests are also welcome :)

Add some tests for mod_brotli and mod_deflate to check for:

Accept-Encoding: foo; q=0

which means foo is "not acceptable"

Tests in mod_brotli are more extensive because they were easier to add.

Be more verbose in --verbose mode
Fix was backported in r1709121 and will be part

of 2.4.41.

Test whether TLSv13 works and only then hard

code use of TLSv12. In all other cases stick to

defaults. This ensures, that old client versions

that do not support TLSv12 still work.

Followup to r1858849.

Perl https client only shows the 403 when TLS 1.3

is used (PHA?).

For older TLS versions, the client instead shows

status 500, although the web server logs a 403.

remove mystery sleep and intermittent sockaddr_in failure

test RedirectRelative in trunk

Add two proxy VHosts, that forward via https and

use SSLProxyMachine* directives inside <Proxy>


Such use was broken as a regression in 2.4.39

but should be fixed soon via backports of

PR 63430.

PR63409: avoid tls1.3 for old SSL reneg tests.

Submitted By: Dimitri John Ledkov <xnox>

Committed By: covener

Add test case for CVE-2019-0215.

Skip tests if AnyEvent isn't installed.

Test a size which works reliably in absence of known LWP

full-duplex HTTP weirdness.

Check for DateTime module.

Send Connection: close rather than use cheeky TCP half-close

which gives intermittent failures.

PR39730 added case insensitivity, make test conditional

Submitted By: Petr Gajdos <pgajdos>

enable tests for 2.4

Submitted By: Petr Gajdos <>

mergeslashes test

Set svn:ignore.

Use default DAVLockDB (statedir-relative) for 2.5.1+.

Fix for OpenSSL 1.1 as suggested by jailletc36.

Fix mod_include test on systems that do not

support strftime format '%s' (eg. Solaris 10).

Fix typo introduced in r1852131.

Make new balancer tests conditional on the

loaded lb modules.

Fix wrong test number calculation when testing

with an OpenSSL 0.9.8 client (52 instead of 56):

- count tests in $tls_version_suite always instead of

only when $sni_available

- when those tests are not run because of !$sock,

skip() them

Any while at it also:

- correct the skip number when mod_cgi is not available

- no need to set $tls_modern to its default value again

- one minor style nit

Add test-case related to PR 39730.

This currently fails on trunk (and 2.4.x) but patch to follow.

  1. ./trunk/t/htdocs/modules/negotiation/zh-TW
  2. … 22 more files in changeset.
Skip tests for TLSv1.3 (where there is no "renegotiation" as such).

Happy New Year 2019

Oops. Didn't mean this