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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Try to be more accomodating
Catch an error and inform the operator of what is wrong
Clean-up the bottom of the generated CHANGES_x.y.z files as reported by Niklas Edmundsson <nikke> on the dev mailing list.

No need to make any reference to 2.0, 2.2 or 2.3 here, this file is specific to CHANGES in the last release only.

A round of script fixes for the new format
Fix inverted logic for `svn add` after copying missing CHANGES_maj.min file
Add Date and Message-ID headers to emails
Support embargoed CHANGES entries
Force date format in en_US, in case a RM uses another language.

(Only tested on command line, not with the full script)

Followup to r1827673.

Document the new 'version' parameter

Handle cases where CHANGES_X.Y is not present
Bail if this tag already exists
Add update to STATUS for release data and fix site publishing
Send a single message per recipient to avoid challenges with ann@a.o
Should be all set now
anticipate 1.6.5 being released...

Don't use sed, which actually requires GNU sed, but use perl since we are depending on it anyway

Add announcement script to finish off the bulk of the automation
Handle both staging new bins and moving staged bins to release
Annoying typo...
Per feedback, do not make a local copy for tagging. Hold off on tag until all sanity checks are done.
Add sanity checks to the perl -pi -e work so we know things got done
Add option to interrogate APX download URL for best version
Bump to latest aprxxx for trunk also
Bump to latest aprxxx
Add some additional convenience tooling
Use latest revs of APR

The more complex require gsed, so look for that 1st.

Add SHA256

Use apr-1.5.2

Releases use 1.5.4