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Another try...
Revert previous commits
Try to fix spurious output
Try to fix spurious output
Try to match what is said above the example (i.e. "The following example, with user input in green, shows ...")
Fix minor typo; credits to
skip right to thread apply all bt full
Remove a stray fixme.

Missing date and affects

Another mistake

Actually these were fixed in 2.4.41

Fix mistake in html

Merge new vulnerability info

Updates for announcement of 2.4.41
Use <pre> instead of ` as done elsewhere in this page to imporve layout.

Add a missing 'CoreDumpDirectory' in a sentense.

Fix the vulnerable versions to match our announcement for CVE-2019-0196

Add link to KEYS from download page. Required by release guidelines
Update with latest batch of vulnerabilities
Updates for announcement of 2.4.39
Ryan has asked for this to be removed. Old link

Note that TLS 1.3 requires 2.4.38 + openssl-1.1.1
Missing update to vulns-xml

Updates for announcement of 2.4.38
Axe some reference to the 2.2 branch
Follow-up to r1850503.

Remove the now useless tabulation within the <pre> block

Follow-up to r1850501.

Markdown syntax is not parsed within block-level HTML tags.

So add a bit more of HTML.

This is not the spirit of Markdown, but I don't see another way to do it (except a CSS update which could impact other parts of the site)

<example> does not mean anything in the apache CMS.

It could be be <samp> as used elsewhere in the site, but using <div class="example"> gives, IMHO a nice visual output.

This commit is a first try to see how specifying a <div> tag is handled with pre-formated code block (i.e. tabulated lines, in respect to the markdown syntax)

Add some missing spaces after </samp>.

Keep command lines on the same line in <pre> blocks.

Add some links when URL are displayed.

in the present tense
Updates for announcement of 2.4.37