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(MODPYTHON-193) Added new req.hlist.location attribute so that value to a

Location/LocationMatch directive can be determined. Also fixed crash when

req.hlist is accessed from inside a filter and do some restructuring of how

errors are logged and displayed back to browser.

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(MODPYTHON-128) Changed req.finfo to be an object where fields of underlying

fields of apr_finfo_t structure are accessed as object attributes. Tuple

style access is still maintained for backward compatability. The req.finfo

attribute is now also writable and can be assigned with the result of calling

new functions apache.stat() and apache.lstat().

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When handler directives are used within Directory or DirectoryMatch

directives where wildcards or regular expressions are used, the handler

directory will now be correctly set to the shortest directory matched by

the directory pattern, whereas previously it was being left as the

pattern which meant that modules located with that directory weren't

able to be loaded.

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(MODPYTHON-155) Improve memory efficiency related to req.add_handler()

and construction of handler list objects.

(MODPYTHON-181) Fix problems with req.add_handler() introduced when memory

leaks were eliminated related to handler list object.

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(MODPYTHON-155) Modifications to handler and filter lists so that

references can be maintained back to parent handler of a handler/filter

which was registered dynamically. This is necessary within the scheme of

how the new module importer works. Specifically, where a directory isn't

specified when adding a handler or registering a filter, the directory

associated with the parent up the chain has to be used instead. In the old

importer it was relying on fact that directory of parent had already been

added to the Python sys.path, although this didn't actually work reliably.

The new module importer doesn't add directories to sys.path and so the need

to properly work out directory associated with a parent so that it can be

used when required.

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Added support such that when using req.register_input_filter(),

req.register_output_filter() and req.add_handler() it is now possible to

supply directly a callable object to be used as well as the existing

string reference identifying the module/function to be called. (MODPYTHON-164)

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property cleanup

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New license

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A small patch to insure mod_python 3.1.2b compiles with APR 0.9

and 1.0. It replaces a call to deprecated apr_pool_sub_make with a call

to apr_pool_create_ex.


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Sergey A. Lipnevich

Reviewed by:

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Replace PyMem_NEW with PyObject_New and free with PyObject_Del for

proper compatibility w/ Python 2.3 (does this break 2.2?).


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Ron Reisor

Reviewed by:

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Take Roy Fielding's advice and keep Grisha's email address out of the

source code. No need to send yet more spam his way :-)

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Addressed all (or most) compiler warnings. Also tested on FreeBSD and

added a not in the README re how to compile on it because of the

FreeBSD threads unease.

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Revamp the copyright/license headers in all(?) of the files. Include

the appropriate attribution/recognition to Grisha's original work.

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added primitive filter docs and a bunch of other stuff

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works with 2.0.28

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hlist, and many other changes

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