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Changeset 394455 is being indexed.

When Python*Handler or Python*Filter directive is used inside of a Files

directive container, the handler/filter directory value will now correctly

resolve to the directory corresponding to any parent Directory directive or

the location of the .htaccess file the Files directive is contained in.


The patch also lays the ground work for being able to support Directory

directive with glob style wildcards or Directory/DirectoryMatch directive

with a regular expression. (MODPYTHON-63)

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property cleanup

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New license

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This gigantic patch gets rid of all tabs in C code. I know this is ugly, but

better late than never!


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Take Roy Fielding's advice and keep Grisha's email address out of the

source code. No need to send yet more spam his way :-)

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Revamp the copyright/license headers in all(?) of the files. Include

the appropriate attribution/recognition to Grisha's original work.

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hlist, and many other changes

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