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Changeset 468295 is being indexed.

(MODPYTHON-93) No need to access keys of dictionary to determine len(), just

apply it to dictionary itself.

Fix cut and paste mistake that duplicated copyright notice.

Eliminate those pesky tab characters from Python code.

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(MODPYTHON-93) Logic check on when to trigger backwards compatibility mode

for Field class was wrong way around.

(MODPYTHON-93) Restored a level of backward compatibility for third party

packages which create instances of the Field class directly and insert them

direct into the list of form fields. This should mean that older versions

of Trac will still work.

(MODPYTHON-93) Fix up issues whereby quick lookup table onto list of form

fields isn't update when add_field() is used after first time that a lookup

of table is performed. The changes also allow direct changes to the list of

fields to be made with the lookup table being invalidated so that it will

be rebuilt the next time it is required.

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(MODPYTHON-159) Fix FieldStorage class so that it can handle multiline


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Refactored to fix egregious indent problems. There was a mixture

of 3 and 4 space indents splattered throughout the file. Ugh.

FieldStorage efficiency improvement provided by

Mike Looijmans. Adapted FieldStorage documentation examples

from Barry Pearce.


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Changed util.redirect() to return DONE status instead of OK. (MODPYTHON-140)

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Reverted the Python 2.2 support hack ; I leave in place because it should be possible to use it with PythonImport.
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Added a Python 2.2 compatibility module. The test suite now runs successfully on Python 2.2 under Windows 2000.
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Small logic error : continue only affects the innermost loop and Python doesn't have labels nor labeled break or continue.
Tried to simplify the whole multipart/form-data parsing algorithm by using a regexp for the boundary.
- Fix for MODPYTHON-40

- tweaked req_readlines : checking a string for zero length should not require strcmp() it to "".

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Fix for MODPYTHON-79.
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Graham's patch for MODPYTHON-73
Changed apply_fs_data to support new-style classes as well as old-style classes.
Remove two unused class fields.
Fix for MODPYTHON-40 by Barry Pearce.
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Cosmetic changes to the code in order to unify coding style.
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- finished fixing MODPYTHON-13 ; added new unit tests for this bug

- refined traversal / publication control in resolve_object : we now rely on a dictionary of rules.

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- Rewriting mod_python/ resolve_object to enhance security.

- Added unit tests for mod_python/

- Fixing [#MODPYTHON-13]

- Preparing 3.1.4 release

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property cleanup

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This patch fixes the problem by checking if the file has a "file"

attribute itself, and checking the type of that.

There may be a cleaner way to do it.


Obtained from:

Submitted by: David Fraser

Reviewed by:

New license

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Submitted by: Mark McClain

Per Mark McClain's suggestion, added getfirst() and getlist() to FieldStorage.

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Add __contains__ to FieldStorage


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Michal Vitecek

Reviewed by:

Added a redirect() func to util and psp to simplify redirection.


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