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Need to be looking for link library and not dll when determining if APR 1

is present on Windows.

Attempt to auto detect when Apache uses APR 1.0 and link to those libraries

instead of older libraries when on Windows.

(MODPYTHON-128) Changed req.finfo to be an object where fields of underlying

fields of apr_finfo_t structure are accessed as object attributes. Tuple

style access is still maintained for backward compatability. The req.finfo

attribute is now also writable and can be assigned with the result of calling

new functions apache.stat() and apache.lstat().

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Added a Python 2.2 compatibility module. The test suite now runs successfully on Python 2.2 under Windows 2000.
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Fixed so it does not create the module in

non-windows builds.

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Applied Graham's patch to fix Mac OSX compile problems.


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Applied Graham Dumpleton's patch to support installation on Mac OS X (10.3.7)


Better detection of a Win32 install.
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Integrated Jim Gallacher's fixes for : better support for Unix builds.
Cosmetic changes to the code in order to unify coding style.
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Building the _psp extension is done in the same way as buidling
Define and use the WIN32 macro when building _psp.pyd, so that mod_python can be built on Win32 platform without removing the reference to unistd.h in psp_flex.h and psp_parser.c.
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property cleanup

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This is the new that is considerably smarter.

TODO: This file needs to be formatted prettier, and needs some

thorough testing. Also since it doesn't use configure, it should

be renamed to and needs to be adjusted



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Submitted by: David Fraser

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added option noyywrap to flex and removed libl

Mod_python package now includes which is also built and

installed using distutils and does not #include <mod_python.h>. This

means it can be used from command line opening the door for us to

write command-line tools to compile psp pages. has been greatly simplified. psp_interface.c renamed to

_pspmodule.c to be consistent with everything else.

The flex-generated psp_parser.c now supports the syntax whereby the

last indent in Python code sticks (this has been better described on

the dev list). I have not received any (constructive) negative (or any

positive) feedback, so for now this is where we are.


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Make install now uses distutils to install the mod_python package.

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dist/ is now generated by configure, which is more intuitive

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The beginnings of a distutils based Windows installer. This requires

distutils from Python 2.3 because it has a windows post-install script


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