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Limit active and pasv port range to a ushort, and ensure

these are not negative (we permit 'port 0' only to override

a globally declared explicit range with the ephemeral range).

Filter ordering is still flakey, and not actually required AFAICT (certainly,

not NULL filter ordering!)

Clean up ftp_module declaration syntax.

Uhm - FTPUMask FTPDirMask are -always- supported (possibly not well, but

that's an apr issue). FTPUmask happens to be less-lame with fchmod, but

it's not impossible otherwise. With fchmod, the file perms are 000 as the

file is initally accumulated, and then switched. Without, the perms are

determined at create-time.

removed tabs and trailing spaces.

The scope of FTPDirMask and FTPUMask are much more dir-centric than server-centric.

Refactor them out of the server_conf scope into the dir_conf scope.

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