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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2019

Hide unnecessary symbol exports with libtool builds.

Fix handling of chunked request bodies. Even though the FastCGI

protocol is "streamy", it (via the CGI/1.1 spec) requires

content-length to be known and delivered for chunked requests:

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_bridge.c

(add_request_body): Return the request body length.

(bridge_request): Fetch the request body earlier, and

send Content-Length if the request was chunked.

PR: 53332

Submitted by: Dominic Benson <dominic.benson>, jorton

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_proc_unix.c (proc_write_ipc): Fix mixed

declaration, no functional change.

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_proc_unix.c (proc_write_ipc): Use constant

memory for large requests.

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_proc_win.c (proc_write_ipc): Likewise.

PR: 51747

Submitted by: Dominic Benson <dominic.benson>,

Jan Stürtz <js>

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_conf.h: Bump maximum env var size to 256 bytes.

Increases sizeof(fcgid_command) from 13K to 21K on x86_64 but 128 is

a fairly restrictive env var length, so seems worthwhile.

Happy New Year 2018

* modules/fcgid/fcgid_mutex_unix.c (fcgid_mutex_create): Simplify,

no functional change.

Happy Ney Year 2017

Documentation: fixed broken links and added reference to mod_unixd (Bug: 33461)

A user on IRC had APR_EPIPE in this path and lots of WARN spam

in logs. Check r->c->aborted to determine if an warning is worth

surfacing (although for a downstream filter error, is it ever?)


Clarify the relationship between fcgid and custom error docs. Patch from

Luca Toscano, bz 58771

Happy New Year 2016

Add blurb for PR 54597 fix (r1604123)
Happy New Year 2015

Follow up to r1604123: make it compile.

Lower log "graceful kill fail, sending SIGKILL" level to DEBUG on Windows.

PR 54597.

Submitted by: Mario Brandt <JBlond>

Reviewed by: gsmith

Generated file.
This is probably the better fix for PR 56121

Fixes PR 56121

Happy new 2014!

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fix today's date
2.3.9 released today
2.3.9 is tagged; bump to 2.3.10 (development)
Tag 2.3.9

Prepare to tag 2.3.9
Follow up to r1378181 (also related: r1528229):

Windows: Initialize two fields in the fcgid_command structure.

Accidental autodata values here could prevent finding

a suitable existing FastCGI process.

Revert r1377398 (bug fix for PR 53693), which results

in more processes being used. This needs more careful

analysis and modification before release.

Also revert r1397778 (PR 54000) and r1527358, which addressed issues

with r1377398.