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moved to sandbox/mod_arm4
remove unused tags and branches
moving mod_arm4 to sandbox
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Add call to arm_destroy_application()

Contributed by: Kai Engels <>

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

Register the PLUGINTYPE application property. Ideally setting properties should be configurable, but lets go with this for now. If we get more requirements, we can get more creative with the solution
Use a more descriptive variable name. No functional change
fix lineendings

Hook post_config to set POSIX process capabilities in the parent to be inherited by the child processes. Some ARM clients use process capabilities for authorization
Forgot the doc meta file
Very rough start at documentation
svn:eol-style = native

few style tweaks
readme file

mod_arm4 windows project file
initial crufty version of mod_arm4.c
create mod_arm4 repository