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Changeset 1244211 is being indexed.

Make sure the getsfunc_*() functions used by ap_scan_script_header_err*()

NUL-terminate the resulting string, even in case of an error. mod_cgi

and mod_cgid try to log incomplete output from CGI scripts.

Handle cases, esp when using mod_proxy_fcgi, when we do not

want SCRIPT_FILENAME to include the query string.

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Further clarify the naming of the entity that directly connects to us by

calling that entity a client instead of a peer.

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Further clarify the naming of the entity that originates the request by

calling that entity a useragent instead of a client.

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Introduce a per connection "peer_ip" and a per request "client_ip" to

distinguish between the raw IP address of the connection and the effective

IP address of the request.

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Make the SERVER_NAME variable include [ ] for literal IPv6 addresses, as

mandated by RFC 3875

PR: 26005

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Add more (trace) logging to the ap_scan_script_header*() functions

Add ap_scan_script_header*_ex() functions that take a module index for


Make mod_cgi, mod_cgid, mod_proxy_fcgi, mod_proxy_scgi, mod_isapi use the

new functions.

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improve readability of 'malformed header from script' message and simplify code

Introduce ap_(get|set)_core_module_config() functions/macros and use them


We know that the core module has module_index 0. Therefore we can save

some pointer operations in ap_get_module_config(cv, &core_module) and

ap_set_module_config(cv, &core_module, val). As these are called rather often,

this may actually have some (small) measurable effect.

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- Introduce concept of context prefix (which is an URL prefix)

and context document root (which is the file system directory that

this URL prefix is mapped to). This generalization of the document

root makes it easier for scripts to create self-referential URLs and

to find their files.

- Expose CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT and CONTEXT_PREFIX as envvars, in mod_rewrite,

and in ap_expr.

- Make mod_alias and mod_userdir set the context information.

- Allow to override the document root on a per-request basis. This allows

mass vhosting modules to set DOCUMENT_ROOT correctly.

- Make mod_vhost_alias set the per-request document root

PR: 26052, 46198, 49705

Remaining tasks:

- Use the context document root & prefix in mod_rewrite to make RewriteBase

unneccessary in many cases. Do this without breaking compatibility.

- Write docs.

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Make the REQUEST_SCHEME variable available to scripts and mod_rewrite

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Log a trace message if we drop a header with an invalid name

Move duplicated code into utility functions

Submitted by: Malte S. Stretz <mss@apache.org>, Stefan Fritsch

When exporting request headers to HTTP_* environment variables, drop variables

whose names contain invalid characters. Describe in the docs how to restore the

old behaviour.

Submitted by: Malte S. Stretz <mss apache org>

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Because PATH and the library path are closely interrelated, and the cause

of most confusion over cgi or fcgid failures, or even starting rotatelogs,

etc, when the server binaries have been relocated, pass the library path

as paired with the system PATH.

Of course, PATH and platform-specific library path(s) may be modified as

needed with mod_env, so there is no loss of functionality with this change.

The days of monolithic binaries are long gone, even on 1970's architectures,

and PATH should not be decoupled from the library path.

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Enable SetEnv to set PATH

PR 43906

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Drop ap_body_to_table due to missing constraints; a DoS waiting

for an exploit.

Some mod_lua fan aught to revisit this and provide a sensible


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Use the new APLOG_USE_MODULE/AP_DECLARE_MODULE macros everywhere to take

advantage of per-module loglevels

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Fix string constness to get rid of gcc compiler warnings by -Wwrite-strings.
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Elaborate on low hanging XXX fruit
  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
added comment about the never reached return statement.

Bring back OS/2 support.

Reverses r758929 with a little bit of conflict resolution.

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HTTPD script support

When a script returns a no-body response code, pretend it was a HEAD

request so as to drop any body the script might erroneously generate.

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remove OS/2 platform support

  1. … 31 more files in changeset.
remove BeOS OS support

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
document some nonsense it may be sizeof off_t > sizeof size_t.
CGI: return 504 (Gateway timeout) rather than 500 when a script

times out before returning status line/headers.

PR 42190

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Remove commented out block that wouldn't even work in this context.