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Follow up to r1873941: define AP_REG_NO_DEFAULT for raw ap_regcomp() usage.

This avoids having to define AP_REG_NO_* for each APR_REG_* specific option,

thus replacing AP_REG_NO_DOTALL introduced lately.

For ap_rxplus_compile() and mod_substitute where default AP_REG_DOTALL is not

suitable, let's use:

AP_REG_NO_DEFAULT | ap_regcomp_get_default_cflags() & AP_REG_DOLLAR_ENDONLY

to keep the default AP_REG_DOLLAR_ENDONLY unless RegexDefaultOptions unsets it.

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don't use DOTALL from mod_substitute which leaves \n at the end of the line.

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Use 'apr_pstrmemdup' instead of 'apr_pstrndup' when applicable in order to save a few cycles.
No need to test for NULL, apr_pstrndup already handles it.
Remove some useless declarations that were shadowing other local

variables of the same name.

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Fixed eol prop.

fix Sun Studio type mismatch warnings

Minor MMN bump for ap_rxplus API

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Remove cruft that accidentally got into r999533

Introduce ap_rxplus class: higher-level regexps supporting perl-style

regexp operations.

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