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Bring mod_status for 2.0 back in line with mod_status for 1.3. This is

basically a straight port of the 1.3 module to 2.0. The MPMs need to be

modified a bit to work with mod_status, but prefork, mpmt_pthread, and

dexter have already been changed. I will fix perchild tonight. There

is a lot of common code that can be abstracted, and there seems to be a

small bug with regard to what mpmt_pthread and dexter report as current

connections. ExtendedStatus does work again, although until the bug

mentioned above is fixed, it isn't as useful on mpmt_pthread and dexter.

Next week, I will look at allowing other modules to add data to the

STATUS page and possibly to the scoreboard itself.

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Namespace protect the rest of the macros defined by ap_config.h

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.

Renamed all MODULE_EXPORT symbols to AP_MODULE_DECLARE and all symbols

for CORE_EXPORT to AP_CORE_DECLARE (namespace protecting the wrapper)


All _VAR_ flavors changes to _DATA to be absolutely clear.

Thank you Greg, for the most obvious suggestion.

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prefix libapr functions and types with apr_

  1. … 143 more files in changeset.
Cleanup more of the Apache configuration. This removes all of the shared

memory checks, because Apache relies completely on APR for shared memory

support. In doing this, we also need to know how APR/MM are providing

our shared memory (ie file or memory) that requires the change made to

APR's configure script that was just committed.

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Remove all occurances of gettimeofday. Replace it with ap_now which

provides the same function but works cross-paltform.

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Reverse out all _EXPORT_VAR changes back to their original _VAR_EXPORT

names for linkage (API_, CORE_, and MODULE_).

  1. … 50 more files in changeset.

This patch corrects the issues from the AP_EXPORT and linkage

specification arguments to the ap_hooks.h declarations. As with

the APR_ and AP_ patches, API_VAR_EXPORT becomes API_EXPORT_VAR,


I will be happy to revert the inclusion of ap_config.h from

httpd.h if this bothers anyone. More individual modules need

to be patched if we do so.

The API_EXPORTs all moved into central storage in the ap_config.h

header. Without WIN32 or API_STATIC compile time declarations,

these macros remain no-ops.

This patch also moves the following data from http_main to http_config:

const char *ap_server_argv0;

const char *ap_server_root;

ap_array_header_t *ap_server_pre_read_config;

ap_array_header_t *ap_server_post_read_config;

ap_array_header_t *ap_server_config_defines;

And the following variables had already moved into ap_hooks.c:

ap_pool_t *g_pHookPool; (initialized now in http_config)

int g_bDebugHooks; (out of http_config)

const char *g_szCurrentHookName; (out of http_config)

The changes to http_main.c are in preparation for that module to

move out to a seperate .exe for win32. Other platforms will be

unaffected, outside of these changes.

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Update to Apache Software License version 1.1

  1. … 65 more files in changeset.
A very first shot at implementing the status API for the prefork mpm.

This is without a doubt a bad implementation, but it works, and the

server compiles with mod_status enabled.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Fix all the License issues. Including:

s/Apache Group/Apache Software Foundation/


s/Sascha's license/ASF license

  1. … 146 more files in changeset.
Finish the commits for the change in the header files. Basically, this hides

all of the Apache macros that modules don't need access to. This should

have been committed with the modules, but I wasn't paying attention to the

directory I was in when I ran the commit.

Submitted by: Manoj Kasichainula and Ryan Bloom

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Getting rid of more warnings in the prefork mpm.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Deal with times() properly in autoconf. This also changes NO_TIMES to


  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
The first part of the big autoconf patch. This replaces a bunch of

NEED_* macros with HAVE_* macros to be more consistent with autoconf.

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
Initial revision

  1. … 69 more files in changeset.