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Add missing pool tags to help debugging.
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MPMs: early initialize scoreboard's child generation number.

Since [mpm]_note_child_killed uses the scoreboard's generation number for

child_status hook (MPM_CHILD_EXITED), we must initialize it early (i.e. in

[mpm]_note_child_started where MPM_CHILD_STARTED is set) to avoid race

conditions on restart (e.g. storm/loop of restarts) leading to AH00546.

PR 62658.

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Axe some redundant conditions. PR 62549.

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Fix missing space in log message
Join multi-line MPM startup log messages into

single long lines.

Followup to r1725394 and r1725548.

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Added many log numbers to log statements that

had none.

Handled all files in server/mpm/.

I used the coccinelle script provided by Stefan.

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s/the the/the/g

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core: Follow up to r1599601: s/ap_log_common/ap_log_mpm_common/.
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core: ensure that MPMs return an error on runtime failure and hence that

httpd's main process also exits with an error.

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Fix printf format spotted by cppcheck.


Add missing APLOGNO.

Refactor some lines to keep APLOGNO on the same line as ap_log_error, when applicable.

Split lines longer than 80.

Improve alignment.

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Now allow MPMs to call ap_log_common()

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cppCheck: kill two warnings about incorrect printf parameters.

'worker_thread_count' is unsigned

* include/httpd.h, server/mpm/*/*.h: Tidy up doxygen tree view by moving

private interfaces into a separate group.

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Add lots of unique tags to error log messages

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Rename MaxClients to MaxRequestWorkers which describes more accurately what

it does.

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fill in conn_rec::current_thread for WinNT, NetWare, and OS/2 MPMs

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Add child_status hook for tracking creation/termination of MPM child

processes. Add end_generation hook for notification when the last

MPM child of a generation exits.

end_generation is implemented completely by core using the

child_status hook run by the MPM.

simple and mpmt_os2 MPMs don't currently run the child_status

hook, so neither hook is invoked with those MPMs.

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the mpm-note-child-killed hook is just for state sync between

ap_{reclaim,relieve}_child_processes() and their callers

the NetWare and OS/2 MPMs don't use that

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mpm_common.c implements a handful of config directives; the

related state has to be re-initialized to the default values

at pre-config time, but that was handled inconsistently by

the MPMs, resulting in unexpected behavior when some of the

directives were removed across restart

move that necessary initialization from the MPMs to common

code run from core's pre-config; MPMs that need to override

defaults can do so by running after core's pre-config (the

NetWare MPM now does that)

the DEFAULT_MAX_REQUESTS_PER_CHILD compile setting wasn't useful

enough to keep

the simple MPM wasn't consistent in which of these directives

were respected and which weren't, and that hasn't changed

(see procmgr.max_requests_per_child vs. ap_max_requests_per_child)

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some non-MPM code wants to see DEFAULT_PIDLOG, so liberate the

setting from the MPM-specific mpm_default.h

now visible again via httpd -V

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enable DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR on NetWare and Windows

this commit is missing the Windows and NetWare build

logic to copy the appropriate file to include/ap_config_layout.h

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axe unused mpm_default definitions

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Removed duplicate global; removed obsolete cast.

Added require prototypes conditionally to CFLAGS for NETWare;

added header includes for getting protos.

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remove more unused variables

revove some obsolete comments

netware file is untested

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Code cleanup: replace strncpy by apr_cpystrn or apr_pstrmemdup

Submitted by: Takashi Sato <takashi lans tv com>

PR: 43432

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Use the new APLOG_USE_MODULE/AP_DECLARE_MODULE macros everywhere to take

advantage of per-module loglevels

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Log command line on startup, so there's a record of command line

arguments like -f. Suggested by Shaya Potter. [Dan Poirier]

PR: 48752

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remove dead code related to the accept mutex

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