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Fix spelling errors found by codespell. [skip ci]

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* server/main.c (main): Don't create a separate subpool for pcommands

(it had an identical lifetime to the global pool).

Add an --enable-reduced-exports configure option to link libmain.a

using ld's --whole-archive mode and avoid building exports.c entirely.

This reduces the size of a minimal httpd binary by 18% on Linux/x86_64

(687K to 560K) with no difference to the set of symbols available to


This option is only appropriate to use if using a shared libapr*

build, hence is non-default.

* Add --enable-reduced-exports; disable httpdunit build

if used. Define AP_FORCE_EXPORTS if not enabled (default) in place


* server/main.c (ap_suck_in_APR): Only build if AP_FORCE_EXPORTS is


* Link using LIBMAIN_LIB.

* server/ Conditionally build exports.c into libmain.

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global ap_server_conf must be reset when process->pconf is cleared

On the trunk:

core: adding defines to allow interworking with honggfuzz without

further patches.

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core, MPMs unix: follow up to r1809881.

Deregister all hooks first (in pre_cleanup), by doing it last we could still

have had them run when DSOs were unloaded.

Likewise, avoid double faults when handling fatal signals by restoring the

default handler before pconf is cleared (we can't ap_log_error there).

Finally, we need to ignore sig_term/restart (do nothing) when the main

process is exiting (i.e. ap_pglobal is destroyed), since retained_data are


Aimed to fix all faults in PR 61558.

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core: deregister all hooks before leaving pconf, otherwise some late cleanup

or function call (e.g. ap_log) may use one while DSOs are unloaded.

See PR 61558 (double/second fault).

ap_server_config_defines and ap_server_{pre,post}_read_config are arrays of

*const* strings (must not change after being inserted), make it explicit.

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PR61009: be as helpful as possible during -V operation

A configtest isn't useful if you're just trying to get compile settings.

Move the settings dump up to just after ap_read_config(), which has

already done the minimum necessary to figure out which MPM is in use.

Even if ap_read_config() failed, still print as many compile settings as

we can. The user will see the error log entry on stderr.

Revert r1783759: really more things than intended :p
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Follow up to r1783755: update APLOGNO.

[Reverted by r1783760]

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Add -DDUMP_INCLUDES configtest option to show the tree

of Included configuration files.


Included configuration files:

(*) .../conf/httpd.conf

(517) .../conf/extra/proxy-html.conf

(91) /dev/null

Submitted By: Jacob Champion <champion.pxi>

Committed By: covener

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core: follow up to r1629925: new log tag
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core: ensure that MPMs return an error on runtime failure and hence that

httpd's main process also exits with an error.

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Add compiled and loaded PCRE version numbers

to "httpd -V" output and to mod_info page.

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Fix module id in log messages issued from main.c

Submitted by: rjung

Fix r1533728. Not a great idea to dereference process after pool destroy!

PR 55670

Don't risk failing silently at startup when running in a tty.

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* server/main.c (main): Bail out *before* signalling the server

if the config is bad. (as per the claim in the docs!)

Adapt loglevel of config errors during second pass

Don't use APLOG_STARTUP since at that point, the error log is already

available. This gives us timestamps if these errors happen during graceful


Use level 'emerg' as these errors are fatal.

Add lots of unique tags to error log messages

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Server directive display (-L): Include directives of DSOs.

config generation # (reported by ap_state_query(AP_SQ_CONFIG_GEN):

* start at 0 instead of 1

* don't increment until after pconf cleanups run, in case a

cleanup needs to check the related config generation

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Only init the RNG once at startup. This saves some entropy and works around the APR bug

fixed in r1198921

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Add -D DUMP_RUN_CFG option to dump some configuration items

from the parsed (or default) config. This is useful for init scripts that

need to setup temporary directories and permissions, for example if those

temporary directories are located on a ram disk.

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Sort hooks twice, once before pre_config, once after ap_process_config_tree.

This fixes a regression with perl modules introduced by r1032002

PR: 45076

Submitted by: Torsten Foertsch <torsten foertsch gmx net>

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Add wrappers for malloc, calloc, realloc that check for out of memory

situations. Use them in most places where malloc, and friends are used.

This results in clean error messages in an out of memory situation instead of

segfaulting or silently malfunctioning. In some places, it just allows to

remove some logging code.

PR 51568, PR 51569, PR 51571.

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Add in a configuration generation... this is independent of

MPM gen, just in case we ever switch MPMs at a graceful ;)

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* server/main.c (main): Use the real null cleanup callback.