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"" is appropriate default DEFAULT_REL_STATEDIR

Windows bits for mod_log_json.dsp

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* os/win32/win32_config_layout: Define DEFAULT_REL_STATEDIR for Win32.

Add optional options= argument to Listen to add listener-specific

socket options.

Reimplement "use_specific_errors" listener flag under generic

ap_listen_rec flags field holding all listener-specific options.

* include/ap_listen.h: Add AP_LISTEN_* flags.

(ap_listen_rec): Rename use_specific_errors to flags.

* server/listen.c (make_sock): Set APR_SO_FREEBIND if

AP_LISTEN_FREEBIND flag is set on listener; set APR_SO_REUSEPORT

unconditionally if AP_LISTEN_REUSEPORT is set.

(alloc_listener): Take flags argument.

(ap_setup_listeners): Set AP_LISTEN_SPECIFIC_ERRORS flag here.

(ap_set_listener): Parse optional options=... argument, catch

typos and fail if protocol name contains a "=".

(ap_duplicate_listeners): Duplicate flags.

Submitted by: jkaluza, Lubos Uhliarik <luhliari>, jorton

PR: 61865

Github: closes #114

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image size 0x34000 exceeds specified maximum 0x30000

Follow up to r1822537: replace static variable with pool userdata.

Also adds a comment and a CHANGES entry.

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add apreq in Win32

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add to windows build

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mpm_unix(es): cleanup properly on exit in one_process mode.

We can't destroy ap_pglobal in the MPMs because clean_child_exit() runs in

a DSO which would be unloaded under us.

So we defer an ap_terminate() with atexit() in ap_unixd_mpm_set_signals(),

all this is static/builtin code in "os/unix/unixd.c".

mod_socache_redis seems to be missing

mod_md: maxsize was less than the resulting image size
Add "AcceptErrorsNonFatal" directive

This tweaks accept() failure processing by having ap_unixd_accept

pass more errors up, and having the MPM's check against a macro

to see if they are in a whitelist of non ENETDOWN/EMFILE kind

of potential process-wide errors.

Default behavior is still to exit.

edit: MMN bump in 1820099.

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Win32 legacy bits for mod_md
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Fix compilation failure :

unixd.c: In function ‘ap_unixd_mpm_set_signals’:

unixd.c:579:5: error: implicit declaration of function ‘apr_signal’; did you mean ‘strsignal’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

apr_signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);



Not sure where it comes from, maybe related to r1812301.

MPMs unix: follow up to r1809881 and r1809973.

unset_signals() is called when ap_pglobal is destroyed too.

core, MPMs unix: follow up to r1809881.

Deregister all hooks first (in pre_cleanup), by doing it last we could still

have had them run when DSOs were unloaded.

Likewise, avoid double faults when handling fatal signals by restoring the

default handler before pconf is cleared (we can't ap_log_error there).

Finally, we need to ignore sig_term/restart (do nothing) when the main

process is exiting (i.e. ap_pglobal is destroyed), since retained_data are


Aimed to fix all faults in PR 61558.

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MPMs unix: Place signals handlers and helpers out of DSOs to avoid

a possible crash if a signal is caught during (graceful) restart.

PR 60487.

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LINK : warning LNK4013: image size 0xB1000 exceeds specified maximum 0x20000

add mod_proxy_hcheck to legacy build

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mod_brotli: Add initial implementation.

This new module supports dynamic Brotli (RFC 7932) compression. Existing

mod_deflate installations can benefit from better compression ratio by

sending Brotli-compressed data to the clients that support it:


The module features zero-copy processing, which is only possible with the

new API from the upcoming 1.0.x series of brotli [1]. The Linux makefile

works against libbrotli [2], as currently the core brotli repository doesn't

offer a way to build a library [3]. Apart from that, only the CMake build

is now supported.




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Fix spelling in comments and text files.

No functional change.

PR 59990

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Support build files for mod_proxy_http2
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mod_http2 larger with 64-bit VS 2012 RelWithDebInfo build
bye bye mod_h2, hello mod_http2

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Windows traditional build files for mod_h2

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cosmetic: match case style to all previous

Save a few bytes in conf pool when parsing some directives. Use temp_pool when applicable.
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include mod_ssl_ct
Add missing APLOGNO.

Refactor some lines to keep APLOGNO on the same line as ap_log_error, when applicable.

Split lines longer than 80.

Improve alignment.

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'ap_getword_conf' does not return NULL but an empty string if nothing could be got.

So the message 02173 can never trigger.

Actually, this is not a problem because all calls to 'ap_unixd_set_rlimit' are done in configuration parsing functions guarded with AP_INIT_TAKE12, so we are guaranteed to have something.