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Changeset 88950 is being indexed.

Prevent a core dump (openssl_state_machine.c is completely infected with

assert()s in place of sensible error handling) when a server-root-relative

certificate path is given (which is what most users are going to try first).

assertion "n > 0" failed: file "openssl_state_machine.c", line 142

That does NOT fix the openssl_state_machine.c though., So, never try to

use invalid certs, missing keys or other fancy "1st time user" stuff.

Not that it matters, but the compiler complains (suggest parentheses around ...)

and we had a coding style once.

This is C, not C++ (yet ;-).

Submitted by: Jean-Frederic Clere <>

Make mod_tls compile. Fix supplied by Jean-Frederic Clere

Submitted by: Jean-Frederic Clere <>

At the hack-athon we decided to change the way that input filters

determine how much data is returned to the previous filter. Prior to this

change, we used a field in the conn_rec to determine how much to return.

After this change, we use an argument to ap_get_brigade. This makes it

much more obvious how things work at all levels, so that module authors

can easily determine how much data is supposed to be returned to them.

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Working SSL/TLS! Yay!

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*) rename apr_memdup() to apr_pmemdup()

*) optimize the allocation size in apr_pstrndup()

Work for more than one read. Catch read errors.

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First cut of TLS support.

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