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Remove shmht session cache in favour of shmcb; shmht has had

data corruption bugs since being apr_rmm'ified.

* config.m4, mod_ssl.dsp: Don't build ssl_util_table and


* ssl_util_table.h, ssl_util_table.c, ssl_scache_shmht.c: Removed


* mod_ssl.h (SSLModConfigRec): Use a void * pointer for storing

the scache-specific data.

* ssl_engine_config.c (ssl_cmd_SSLSessionCache): Treat shmht: as


* ssl_scache.c: Remove shmht hooks throughout.

* ssl_scache_shmcb.c: Remove casts to use the table_t * pointer as a

void *.

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finished that boring job:

update license to 2003.

Happy New Year! ;-))

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Obtained from:

Submitted by: Madhusudan Mathihalli <>

Reviewed by: dougm

implement SSLSessionCache shmht and shmcb based on apr_rmm and apr_shm

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Update our copyright for this year.

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Port ssl_util_table.[ch] to Apache 2.0 by just removing all platform

depended code (table_read, table_write). This is possible because this

table library is local to mod_ssl and inside mod_ssl this library is

used for manipulating hash tables inside shared memory segments only. So

we can just get rid of the unportable parts at all.

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Use different namespace for internal defines.

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Next step in mod_ssl integration:

Add missing files to build environment.

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mod_ssl integration step 2:

transfer copyright of all code to ASF by using Apache Software License v1.1

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Initial revision

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