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Netware proxy makefiles:

- change vpatch for wstunnel to be consistent

with orther proxy modules. Likely a

a copy&paste error from a balancer module

Netwarep proxy makefiles

- remove unneeded XINCDIRS

- there are no header files in $(STDMOD)/http

- $(STDMOD)/generators and $(STDMOD)/ssl

for serf were likely copy&paste from

NWGNUproxy, but serf doesn't need them

- $(STDMOD)/proxy for wstunnel likely

copy&paste from some lb module but

wstunnel doesn't need them

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Netware proxy makefiles:

- use $(NLM_NAME) instead of explicit name

when defining TARGET_nlm

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
Reduce differences between Netware proxy makefiles.

- removing trailing whitespace

- remove trailing empty lines

- choose a common order for lists

- choose a common style for TARGET_nlm and

TARGET_lib definitions

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Fix typo in Netware makefiles.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Build symbol import and export files for

proxy on Netware using the same awk script

which is already used for mod_cache.

Adjust other Netware makefiles to use this

new imp file.

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Fixed proxy exports list; renamed wstunnel module.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.