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Changeset 1809719 is being indexed.

On the trunk:

mod_md: v0.9.7

- Use of the new module flag

- Removed obsolete function from interface to mod_ssl.

- Fallback certificates has version set and no longer claims to be a CA. (re issue #32)

- MDRequireHttps now happens before any Redirect.

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On the trunk:


* Improved interface to mod_ssl for fallback handling. Backward compatible to previous mod_ssl

patch, but fallbacks will not work.

* Provide a temporary, self-signed certificate with a speaking command and domain name if we

have no other cert for a Managed Domain, yet. Refs github issue #32

* Continue to provide expired or not-completely matching, existing certificate for a Managed

Domain until the renewal was successful. This is helpful when one adds a DNS name to

a MD, so the previous domains can be served while a new cert is requested.

* All files necessary to run tests are not in the release package.

* Making "http-01" the preferred challenge type again, as people "tls-sni-01" requires at least

one working certificate vhost right now - which not everyone has.

* moved part of the MD sanity checks from post_config to check_config phase, allowing for error

detection in check-only runs.

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