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Add missing pool tags to help debugging.
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Retsore 2.4.x default behavior modified in r1557580.

Update doc accordingly.

Slightly tweak mod_speling doc

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mod_speling/PR 38923: don't embed Referer in link in error page.

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mod_speling: make behavior of CheckCaseOnly and

the new CheckBasenameMatch orthogonal, so one

can combine them and they don't influence each


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Added many log numbers to log statements that

had none.

Those were not detected by the coccinelle script.

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- Rename variable

- Remove #define WANT_BASENAME_MATCH and define a new option 'CheckBasenameMatch' to control this behaviour

- Remove outdated comments

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Correct the behaviour of CheckCaseOnly in mod_speling, according to the doc.

PR 44221 [Rainer Perske <perske uni-muenster de>]

Remove warnings

mod_speling.c:400:41: warning: data argument not used by format string [-Wformat-extra-args]

r->uri, nuri, ref);

mod_speling.c:508:53: warning: data argument not used by format string [-Wformat-extra-args]

r->uri, candidates->nelts, ref);

Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Intel's compiler warns about assigning the non-enum value 0 to the

enumeration apr_finfo_t.filetype, which is done when forgetting

the previously-derived file type

use the appropriate enum value APR_NOFILE instead

Also change comparisons of the field with 0 to use APR_NOFILE instead,

as is the practice of some existing code.

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Use the new APLOG_USE_MODULE/AP_DECLARE_MODULE macros everywhere to take

advantage of per-module loglevels

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PR 43562.

fix regression in mod_speling behavior from 1.3/2.0

and, basically, incorrect behavior from what is

expected as well as dependency on AcceptPathInfo.

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update license header text
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Apply mod_speling enhancement posted by Olivier Thereaux

(plus teensy weensy tidyup)

Update the copyright year in all .c, .h and .xml files

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mod_speling: Stop crashing with certain non-file requests.

(r->filename unset)

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No functional change: remove "internal" tab spacing/formatting.

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No functional Change: Removing trailing whitespace. This also

means that "blank" lines consisting of just spaces or

tabs are now really blank lines

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No functional change: simple detabbing of indented code.

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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general property cleanup

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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fix copyright dates according to the first check in

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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update license to 2004.

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let mod_speling use the current AcceptPathInfo setting.

Default is: reject

PR: 21059

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finished that boring job:

update license to 2003.

Happy New Year! ;-))

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stop using APLOG_NOERRNO in calls to ap_log_[pr]error()

  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
Update our copyright for this year.

  1. … 260 more files in changeset.

Fix a handful of AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA exports for .so modules.

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