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Save a few bytes in the request pool.
+ *) mod_dir: Prevent the internal identifier "httpd/unix-directory" from

+ appearing as a Content-Type response header when requests for a directory

+ are rewritten by mod_rewrite. [Eric Covener]

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revert r1675103 because it [at least] causes FallBackResource to kick

in before mod_autoindex might have kicked in.

If a directory exists but no indexes can be resolved, the fallback resource

should be attempted first before giving up.

Submitted By: Jack <tjerk.meesters> , covener

Committed By: covener

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Concat string at compile time when possible.

Doing so, sometimes also give the opportunity to turn a 'ap_fputstrs' into a 'ap_fputs'.

PR 53741

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Skip DirectoryIndex execution unless method is GET or POST, restoring

2.2 behavior when using mod_dav. PR 54914.

Otherwise, variable behavior results: if no DirectoryIndex file is found,

mod_dav's r->handler runs as expected. But if an index file is found,

r->handler will be changed by ap_internal_fast_redirect() to something

other than mod_dav's r->handler, while r->method is left unchanged,

usually leading to a 405 response.

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followups to r1557641 suggested by nd -- add

prefix to both the macro and the handler name


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don't search for directory indexes/directoryslashes if a URL is in the

middle of being rewritten [in per-dir context]. PR53929

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under a configurable option: don't run mod_dir if r->handler is already set.


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mod_dir: rename the on/off/unset enum so it doesn't look so funny if

used by other flags.

'ap_getword_conf' can not return NULL
FallbackResource : Support for the 'disabled' argument

PR52845: "DirectoryIndex disabled" should blow away the DirectoryIndex settings

in the current config section, not just override previous config sections.

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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improve (but preserve searchable parts of) the error message when Options

-Indexes is about to trigger a 403 in mod_autoindex, with a pointer

to mod_dir about how the DirectoryIndex might have been the real culprit.

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Add a mod_dir option to allow the used DirectoryIndex to

be externally redirected.

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gratuitous style change

save some memory by using cmd->temp_pool instead of cmd->pool in some places

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Merge mod_dir fixups to avoid possible ordering issues noted by trawick

Use the new APLOG_USE_MODULE/AP_DECLARE_MODULE macros everywhere to take

advantage of per-module loglevels

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Change Fallback to FallbackResource after extensive discussion with

wrowe and DrBacchus.

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Change "DefaultHandler" to "Fallback" as discussed on list and

today on IRC, in the hope that everyone will be satisfied.

PR: 47184 + subsequent veto of original directive name

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mod_dir: Change DefaultHandler to DefaultMapping, and document it

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Fix bug in r785425 (dereference null pointer when not configured)

and add a couple of comments.

Add DefaultHandler directive to mod_dir.

PR 47184

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* The nitpicker of the space police. No functional change.

temporary dbg message and unnecessary continue, per rpluem review

change short-lived behavior of "DirectoryIndex None" based on feedback from wrowe:

Doesn't search for anything:

DirectoryIndex disabled

Does search for literal "disabled":

DirectoryIndex disabled foo.

DirectoryIndex foo disabled

DirectoryIndex disabled disabled

Does search:

DirectoryIndex disabled.html

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*) mod_dir: Support "DirectoryIndex None"

Suggested By André Warnier <aw> [Eric Covener]

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Sub-requests are created and used with two purposes; sometimes

simply to 'see' what a request would do; as to fill out an SSI,

validate access or similar - and is then discarded. And sometimes

as the precursor to becoming the actual request; e.g. when mod_dir

checks if an /index.html can be served for a '/'.

In the latter case it is important to preserve the output filters

'for real'; whereas in the first case they have to be reset to

purely the minimal proto filters (if at all). This patch instates

the output filters in 3 cases where sub-requests are/may in fact

be used as the real request later on.

This is a relatively risky change (which should not be back-ported

without further discussion) and may break caches in combination

with internal redirects/vary/negotiation in subtle ways.

See the thread starting at [1] and in particular the general

concerns of rpluem at [2] with respect to sub requests

and (fast_)internal redirects possibly needing a more

thorough overhaul.



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