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Changeset 1837225 is being indexed.

Fix PR54848 in a 2.4.x backportable format. Ideally deprecating the use

of ->client in whatever version of 2.4 this is added into would be

more logical.

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remove r1792169 taint checks from proxy and status modules

Both of these checks are problematic without further


status: even a .htaccess with no SetHandler blocks the handler.

proxy: RewriteRule ... ... [P] in htaccess is blocked.

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Introduce request taint-checking concept.

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Remove some spaces to synch with 2.4
mod_status: note stopping procs in async info table

* add new column "stopping", denoting if a process is shutting down

* add additional "(old gen)", if a process is from before a graceful reload

* add counts of processes and stopping processes to summary line

Fix <p> tag closing syntax
Delay some memory allocation in order to save 272 bytes in the 'request' memory pool if mod_status handler is triggered and is not able to handle the request
Fix the number of column for 'Async connections'.

There are only 3 columns (writing, keep-alive, closing), not 4.

Try to improve the code layout for it to be more readable.

Each <th> is on its own line so keep the corresponding "colspan" <td> fields grouped together.

r1738628 introduced a new column, 'Slot'.

Add an empty cell for it in the last line of the table, in order to fix the layout of the Totals.

Replace tab by spaces to be consistent
Display process slot number in the async overview

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scoreboard addition of protocol, new ap_udpte_child_status methods
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Followon to r1671396: add misiing newline in

new server-status output.

Followon to r1671396:

Remove unwanted redundant output introduced

by that commit.

Add more data to "?auto" view of server-status.

Although mod_status source code calls this the

"short_report", the docs and the API flag call

it "Machine Readable" resp. "STAT_OPT_AUTO".

So IMHO the data shown should be on par with

the html version.

SECURITY (CVE-2014-0226): Fix a race condition in scoreboard handling,

which could lead to a heap buffer overflow. Thanks to Marek Kroemeke

working with HP's Zero Day Initiative for reporting this.

* include/scoreboard.h: Add ap_copy_scoreboard_worker.

* server/scoreboard.c (ap_copy_scoreboard_worker): New function.

* modules/generators/mod_status.c (status_handler): Use it.

* modules/lua/lua_request.c (lua_ap_scoreboard_worker): Likewise.

Reviewed by: trawick, jorton, covener, jim

Submitted by: jorton, covener

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this is broken... pull out

This is useful info for mod_status ;)
Add useful mod_status info... try to determine last time

a specific vhost was accessed/used.

CVE-2012-3499 and CVE-2012-4558

Be sure to escape potential troubled strings

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Break out loadavg from Apache load.... one is quick, the other

isn't so much, and so why load things up when wanting just

the server loadavg?

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minor name change, but I expect most will just want/need/use

the current load average, so simplify the name

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Would be nice to have some sort of canonical definition

of server loading for Apache. So create a struct that

holds some useful data. The hope is that for those

platforms that lack getloadavg(), people will write


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follow-on to r1097070:

axe unnecessary trailing comma

Add lots of unique tags to error log messages

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Rename MaxClients to MaxRequestWorkers which describes more accurately what

it does.

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Code cleanup: replace apr_table_set with non-copying apr_table_setn

in a few places

Submitted by: Christophe JAILLET <christophe jaillet wanadoo fr>

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Display information about asynchronous connections in the server-status

PR: 44377

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Fix handling of cumulative system time

Merge repeated calls of ap_rputs.

Submitted by: Christophe JAILLET <christophe jaillet wanadoo fr>

PR: 51330