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This not a hot path in RL use case, but looks to be one during testing with the test framework.

Sso save a few cycles in this (unusual) use case.

Declare pre_translate hook in lua/info/log_debug/example modules, and docs.

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Fix wrong use of ap_rputs with formats.

Use ap_rprintf instead.

It seems noone has PIPE_BUF defined.

* modules/generators/mod_info.c: Constify fixed tables and mark

module-private global variables static. No functional change.

Rename ap_casecmpstr[n]() to ap_cstr_casecmp[n](), update with APR doxygen
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More ap_casecmpstr[n]() usages (follow up to r1715876).

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Add compiled and loaded PCRE version numbers

to "httpd -V" output and to mod_info page.

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Fix some compiler warnings.

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CVE-2012-3499 and CVE-2012-4558

Be sure to escape potential troubled strings

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Display registered providers

Sort list of modules

Display all those shiny new hooks that we have in 2.4

Add new section "Other Hooks" for those that don't fit into "Startup Hooks"

or "Request Hooks"

Consistenly use apr_file_* API instead of libc when dumping config because

mixing the two can give strange results due to buffering.

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More cleanup: Expand tabs and some more indentation fixes

No functional change

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For consistency, makes the "Loaded Modules" section of the mod_info output into a top-level section, and provides a link to it.

mod_info: Dump config to stdout during startup if -DDUMP_CONFIG is


This functionality should probably be moved into core, but for now

it's a lot better than nothing. And it may even help me debug some

other config related code.

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Avoid unnecessariy initialisation before we test mod_info's handler name.

Use the new APLOG_USE_MODULE/AP_DECLARE_MODULE macros everywhere to take

advantage of per-module loglevels

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Strip SHARED_CORE deadwood.

PR 46239

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Replace AcceptMutex, LockFile, RewriteLock, SSLMutex, SSLStaplingMutex,

and WatchdogMutexPath with a single Mutex directive. Add APIs to

simplify setup and user customization of APR proc and global mutexes.

(See util_mutex.h.) Build-time setting DEFAULT_LOCKFILE is no longer

respected; set DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR instead.

Some existing modules, such as mod_ldap and mod_auth_digest gain

configurability for their mutexes.

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Add the missing include of apu_version.h and thus fix a build failure.
removed font clutter as suggested by niq.

added compile-time apr / apr-util versions as wrowe suggested.

added apr / apr-util version output (part two).

added apr / apr-util version output.

stop exporting APACHE_MPM_DIR to modules -- unclear why this was ever necessary, and it

makes no sense with loadable MPMs

axe the unnecessary MPM_DIR build variable

move the stray APACHE_SUBST(MPM_LIB) from to server/mpm/config.m4, where

the other MPM_foos are handled

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Holey moley. Marcus Burke noted this in Rich's Nuts/Bolts talk.

How embarassing!

Remove all references to CORE_PRIVATE.

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* Set character set for HTML outputs generated by mod_ldap,

mod_proxy_balancer, mod_proxy_ftp, mod_info, mod_dav without a character

set to ISO-8859-1.

Submitted by: jorton

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PR 42847.

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